you mean george bush didn't want to be popular?

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  1. i thought this was funny. basically george bush telling people not to try and be popular i guess he is the master of that.

    it is the second article down.
  2. And because of that Iraq will be relativity free and once Obama does to Afghanistan what he wanted to do to Iraq, Afghanistan will be political hell.
  3. Ironic, isn't it? Bush invaded Iraq, at the expense of $TRILLIONS and the lives of THOUSANDS of Americans.. all to be popular.
  4. Well praise be to heaven that that corrupt and dirty shit hole "will be relatively free..." All for the low, low cost of American prestige, American Blood and American Treasure.


    The real crime in all this of mess is at one point Afghanistan was a righteous war. And the Talibs were whipped and on the run. Then after being led by the nose into Iraq under false pretenses. Bush appeared to totally forget what the fuck he was doing and forgot to zip is own pants and stepped on his dick.

    Now he's gone...collecting 125K per speech and has left the mess to the new guy.

    What a great man he must be.

  5. i don't think the usa can continue to wage wars on foreign soil. i think you would not be as badly off if you did not enter iraq or afghanistan but it is too late now.
  6. Relatively free and getting better.

    The other scenario was to have Afghanistan fixed and free and have Saddam Hussien still in power with lots of oil. I hardly think that would have played out any better then the current situation.
  7. Well that is just fucking great that we've now spent 3 trillion on actual and contingent liabilities and countless American prestige capital spent in the world market and 4352 America precious lives in Iraq....all for a push. You should be quite of proud of support.

    Tell me you know at least something of the Khyber pass....And it's place in history.

  8. No push here....I support the move into Iraq. Our soldiers with thier sacrifice have made us all safer. Either way we were going to have to deal with Iraq. As Bush said in 2002, this is a long ,long engagement,many will quit or change their commitment, but i will stay the course until our objectives are met.
  9. What are our objectives?

    What do they cost?

    How much have they already costs?

    What have they achieved?

    What are our objectives?

  10. This is what are Supreme Leader is asking now. And these questions do need to be asked often. As we progress these answers will change.
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