You make the call! How many dead and injured this month by The Religion of Peace?

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How many dead and injured this month by The Religion of Peace?

  1. Less than 500 dead and injured - an impossibly light tally

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  2. 500-999 dead and injured

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  3. 1000-1499 dead and injured

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  4. 1500-1999 dead and injured

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  5. 2000-2500 dead and injured

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  6. More than 2500! Praise Allah!

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  1. TGregg


    Islam is on the march, killing innocents right and left around the world. Last month the grisly tally was just short of two thousand dead and injured from this barbaric 7th century throwback. Let's see who can guess the body count for June!
  2. TGregg


    And the results are pouring in! Current tally for the first week is one hundred eighty seven dead, two hundred sixty three critically injured for a total of 450 dead or injured innocents! Allahu Akbar!

    Our second week tally is not yet complete, but we show a current score of 78 dead and 220 injured for a current grand total of:

    748 dead or critically injured already this month

    They don't call it The Religion of Peace for nutten'!
  3. World domination by Islam is the future.

    1. Already 25% of world population

    2. Highest fecundity rate

    3. Willing to kill all non-believers
  4. I see there's a social networking site for Muslims to get back in touch with there old's called Friends Re-ignited
  5. maxpi


    Mean people suck
  6. They are also willing to kill each other. Like, the Iran/Iraq war, Taliban/Al Qaeda willing to kill Muslims for things like shaving your hair or other "violations (Sharia law), and all the suicide bombings in places like Iraq, even mosques. After all, Sunni vs. Shiite seems to be a good fight...
  7. Thank goodness they are murdering each other like crazed jackals to help keep that population down a little.
  8. Amazing, isn't it? Apparently they believe "worship and believe as I do or I'll kill you"... even between Islamic factions.
  9. You guys are funny! first, it's obvious you are completely racist. You take delight in brownskinned peoples' deaths and believe you are morally superior.

    But a few questions: how many each month does the US army kill? How many civillians? Ooops that info is hidden from us, we do not have the freedom to know it. the US State killing machine is quite efficient.
    Before each killing frenzy, US soldiers pray to "god".

    Brave fighter pilots then drop 1000lb bombs onto civillans. Afterwards they whoop it up and high-five! But those cowards never see the blood, the limbs, the brains scattered, the utter terror. They are Brave American Heros who keep us safe...against a lightly armed population located a world away in oil-rich countries. "god" supports this I guess, in their sick minds. What a death cult!

    Secondly, what is the US's yearly murder rate? I think I found a stat. from 2007: 16,929

    WOW that is 1410 people per month! What is wrong with americans that they hate their own freedoms and cannnot live in peace?

    Thirdly, why the heck do you care about some 2nd and 3rd world countries located 15,000 miles away?

    Oh I get it, you are "liberators", who shed tears over every "haji's" death. As if!
  10. This turd is right. We should bomb the crap out of Canada and take THEIR oil. They are right next to us. Don't think it won't happen in the future. Because it might. I would get the hell out of Toronto right now before your head gets splattered all over the place.
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