You Lie!!!!

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  1. True or False?
  2. Lie?

    A Bill Clinton lie or an "Ohoe" lie or a blatant lie?

    Is it a lie simply by not telling the whole truth?

    Time will tell whether "Ohoe" is a Bill Clinton liar or a blatant liar or . . . even maybe . . . but doubtful . . . telling the truth.
  3. Maybe.

    But that wasn't the place to do a shout-out.

    Even when the Dems disagreed with Bush, nobody ever shouted at him during a speech to Congress.

    It is disgusting behavior and makes the Republicans look like assholes.
  4. I agree, it absolutely wasn't a place for that outburst but it definitely doesn't make the republicans look bad it made him look bad.
    Emotions are running high at this point and these guys are getting pressure from their constituents, which they should be. We all need to be pressuring our representatives to make sure we get no more BS from Washington. That goes from the top down.
  5. Agreed! Not the time or the place.
  6. There's been plently of media advocating civil unrest against Wall Street and of course, backlash against CEO compensation, bailouts etc. Civil unrest against the Prez not unexpected.

    Imo, "You Lie" is the shot heard round the world.

    Between the Michaels Moore's and the Hillary shrieks of "I'm angry and not going to take it any more" bada bing bada boom, the stage is set.

    Charlie Rangel even said why do we have to take a vote with the southern white people.

    Blankenfein capitulates (wtf?) - he should be the "compensation czar".
  7. Ricter


    Shameful. And now it's two that I'm aware of. I'm thinking of the shoe throwing incident. What are we coming to?
  8. Even if republicans had the luxury of passing a bill completely of their own design, with no input from democrats, the illegal alien who shows up at an emergency room with a 4 inch bullet wound in his gut would still not have a hospital send him back to the street to die. You'll never see, "sorry its illegal for us to treat you, you'll just have to die."
  9. This is getting interesting. The country seems to be losing patience and respect for these officials a little more day by day.
  10. It was the best moment of the night!

    The bobble heads behind Obama, Biden and Reid, were priceless.

    Lets not kid ourselves, Obama has been running his mouth, claiming "republicans" are spreading lies, and/or false rumors. It's about time people throw HIS crapola back in his face.

    Obama's biggest problem is he never defends anything in the bill other than to say, it's not true and then to criticize those who oppose.

    If he were a true leader, he would be specific in claiming how the bill won't give illegals coverage, but he never does. He's never explained in any detail, any section of the bill.

    He's just a used car salesman not well versed or educated in the art of advertising.
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