You Know You Are trading Too Much

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    Oh my god there have been these impassioned computers calling from verizon I just tuned them out I thought it was telemarketing. Now my phone is off. I missed two bills. That's pretty drastic move from verizon says something about the corporate environment now. My wife is going to F*ing kill me. Mark it down. If you don't hear from in a while it's because of this. No way to get in touch I just heard a transformer explode in the street no joke- the lights dimmed and do I pick up the kid or not! Oh this sucks I've been accused of not keeping up my physical appearance when I trade in my underwear and now this....~ stoney

    Yup I'm hearing fire engines freakin out now.... was it terrorism?
  2. ATLien


    You need to relax. Wanna get high?