You Know You Are Good When........

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    Your entry orders are consistently held for 5-10 seconds on the Oanda MT4 platform. Just saying.
  2. I would try another platform asap.
    BTW, i am not saying that you are not good...
  3. That doesn't mean you're good, just that you trade size.

    I know a lot of traders who think they're good pushing volume... 'think'...

    Anyhoo.. any order over $10Mill takes a moment to fill since they make sure they have the liquidity ready to deal to you at the quoted price.

    If they are doing it to you with orders less than this, I'd drop down to fxTrade since that sounds like their MT4 bridge acting up... MT4 on Oanda has been a pain for ages now.
  4. awesome feeling
  5. I had to stop using Oanda's MT4 months ago. It was sad for me as I had so much hope for Oanda's MT4. I forward test a lot of EA's and Oanda's MT4 screwed up my tests to a point that I could not trust the results. I had to stop and Oanda takes too long to fix a problem when it is brought to their attention.

    I am starting to think that Oanda is the biggest thief of all the Forex dealers out there especially when they have to slow MT4 down. I believe that they wrote their own software to monkey around with the price, rather than using Boston Technologies plug-in. I believe they wrote their own management software just to say they do not use the plug-ins that so many of us traders hate and get ripped off with.

    Don't let them fool you with their narrow spreads, especially when they shop your fill or monkey around with it.

    The coder that I work with has just stopped using the likes of Oanda recently along with the likes of IBFX (they smooth the price too much).

  6. Why use MT4?

    I do not trust automation personally. So far, the base platform has not been an issue for me. However, I put in orders manually. I do not use the trailing stop, or the take profit. I use sell here and buy there orders only.
  7. RCG,

    Because I cannot trade price action as you do...

    You probably wanted the truth and I have nothing to hide.


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    Oanda really did disservice to themselves when they introduce this half baked MT4
    It`s a shame ,because there are no problems like this on they native fxtrade platform.
    Only logical conclusion for me is that there are some serious software bridging problems to mt4 because otherwise why would Oanda decide now to
    purposely start to mess with mt4 traders.
    I mean 99% of forex microlot losers are drawn to mt4 anyway ,so dont see much of a motive.

  9. They only offered it because it was the #1 request by their users for a few years running... sad really, they bent to the request of the bust-out masses and now we have this half-born MT4 setup that is only giving them a bad name.

    I love fxTrade... way better overall and no issues with execution.

    I do wish they would create some sort of scripting language just for fxTrade so we can write custom indicators (not a full trading API) but in the end I've always run some demo MT4 on the side for that kinda stuff.
  10. I suggest you get off dial-up.
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