You know you are going senile when...

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    You are making coffee and pour the coffee in to the coffe maker without a filter :(
  2. Some days I do half of the job. Like put the coffee in but not the water.

    One night I did both, put the water in and the coffee in. Next morning I get up and add another pot of water to the coffee maker. Water was overflowing everywhere.
  3. absentmindedness is not senility ..

    you're just preoccupied with greater things..

    like global warming, world peace and cancer
  4. try some rosemary herb.
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  6. Max E.

    Max E.

    I got you beat, i dumped the coffee in to where you are supposed to dump water one time, then proceeded to pour water over it, and ruin my coffee maker.... :(

    I also locked my keys in my trunk one time right outside the grocery store when it was -30 degrees celcius outside.....

    Just one of those things where you wonder where the hell your head was at afterwords....

  7. How about tryiing to start your car when it is already running.
  8. You know you are going senile when...

    The awkward moment when what you thought was a condom turns out to be a pot noodle mango sauce packet.
  9. curcumin. I take it.
  10. I put Windex in the fridge and mayo in the cleaning cupboard.
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