You know why we are in this mess?

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  1. Because trickle down economy did not work. Joe just does not have the $$$ to pay back the man.

    Keeping wages low as a means to control inflation was a bad idea.

    The little guy got squeezed a bit too much. End result, the biggest banking failure in the horizon in the history of mankind.
  2. Its time for myoffices to resurface and call the near term bottom. its 10500 short term then we trade up to a tight range of 11500. Buy the cyclicals and also the retailers for the next few months. Banks are like garlic they stink. Short Mer and also the DJIA. Oil will go lower but beware we will get to 200. Check my track record. Im good from my earlier trading using 12000 AS MY LAUNCH POINT. And as my exit point. Buy value with good companies. Down here I like the airlines. Jet blue and also twx.
  3. everybody has been calling the bottom on the way down.

    I call that there will be no bottom until some financial institutions go bankrupt or start merging with others.
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    can it be this simple ......not long ago many good traders were calling tops all the way up to 1575 or so, now Im sure many good traders are calling bottoms all the way down..does anyone look at a monthly chart of the SPX and if so how in the hell can you call a bottom.
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    You either a) have to pay your charting provider for more historical data, b) rely on online charts for historical max pricing, or c) forecast using micro patterns in smaller timeframes, which always mime larger timeframes by virtue of the latter leading.

    To accurately forecast bottoms or tops, yearly, decade and quarter century charts are needed, and they have to be created from the data from monthly charts.

    Calling bounces simply with the daily, weekly and monthly, paying attention to patterns and price action in hourly, minute and tick charts isn't all that difficult.

    Again, as far as trends are concerned, a bottom is nowhere in sight. A bounce is however.
  6. No trader can call an actual bottom but being close enough allows you to pattern your trades accordingly. Check my prior posts and you will see what I mean. When I predicted the 8000 level bounce it was amazing several years ago. Many astute traders use these guidelines to set their mindsets. The levels of 10200 is a near term bottom in my opinion and it allows me the ability to trade with bearish trades until then. As it nears my level I turn Bullish. Last in First out equal profits on the short.

    Its all about confidence. Watch and see. If you have the ability to get great timing this is the business to be in. We are up at 10:15 at 10987 check back in a month.
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    1. Gummint deficit spending... BIG deficits.

    2. Money-pump on steroids by the Fed + ridiculously low interest rates.... all leading to high inflation.

    3. Stupidly lax lending standards for mortgages... fraudulent, really.

    4. Securitization of mortgage debt

    5. Never had an "energy policy".. in spite of the obvious need.

    The list is much larger... of course.

    The REAL questons... (1) Who is responsible for all this, and (2) what can we do about it?

    Who's responsible? The Gummint of course. 545 out of 300 Million American citizens are TOTALLY F*CKING OVER THE US FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN. What to do about it? KICK 'EM IN THE BALLS AND THROW 'EM OUT OF OFFICE. GET RID OF THE BUMS AND GET NEW BUMS...

  8. I was saving this one but here is whats going on. All the negativity is being outted by every company in the market. This is the time to get the lead out with anything that could be construed by the shareholders as not kosher. Then when its all over be prepared for a privatization of the Financial system. Be prepared for new energy sector jobs for employing the working class. Also look for increased limits for retirement investing.

    Mortgages will remain where they are for years to come with a 5-7% rate. Its time for entrepreneurship and the average household to start trading stocks. The stimulus account should have been given in stock and not in cash. I know a guy who bought beer for a bbq with his check. Last week he asked me to borrow 20 bucks. Nothing changed.

    Buy and hold and dollar cost average will help the markets make alot of money. The margin calls will be killing the market for the next 3 weeks. If you are a broker you know what im talking about.
  9. "Re: You know why we are in this mess?"

    Because no nation can continue to endlessly consume more than it produces.

    In the end the piper must be paid.


  10. I don't disagree with you that there is certainly no fear in piling on the negative corporate news & earnings issues. It unwinds the excesses of the last cycle and may make compliance officers breathe easier.

    However, that does not imply in itself an immediate turn around is nigh. To DCA in so you can be flat in a decade isn't particularly attractive, particularly since divvies are gonna be cut and value investing isn't all its cracked up to be right now.
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