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  1. Here's a situation that comes up all the time on these boards: ET member A claims to have accomplished something ("I made millions trading forex", "I have a Wharton MBA", "mine is bigger than yours", etc.). Then ET member B comes in to call B.S. The end result is nearly always inconclusive- The claims are neither proven nor dis-proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Well, what if a trusted third party could step in to act as both arbiter and escrow in these situations, whenever they arise? There could be a set minimum wager amount, say $500. Both parties would supply supporting documents and references to the arbiter to back up their claims, along with their wagers. The claim is then investigated thoroughly by this trusted arbiter while the wagers from both opposing parties are held by him in escrow. When the investigation is concluded to the arbiter's satisfaction, he then publicly declares the winner and pays him. A small percentage of the funds wagered are kept by the arbiter as compensation for his efforts. If one party to the dispute is willing to put down a wager and the other is not, that essentially settles the matter just as effectively.

    The obvious question then, is; Who could be trusted to act as judge and escrow is these situations? Baron would be the obvious choice, but I'm pretty sure he's busy enough already and definitely wouldn't want the potential legal trouble of handling bets. I just think it would be cool if a senseless online flame war wasn't the only avenue for disputes between ET members, and there was an established way for these things to be judged and settled for once and for all, every single time.
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    I agree. And publish the results.
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    I remember Don bright volonteering to keep the money on a multimillion USD bet - but as all the bets I saw on ET, nothing came out of it.

    Good idea anyway.
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    okay DR. Ill bet that you blewup the LAC option fund. $500?
  5. i say whatever they call you own it.. the more you argue against it the more they will spend time driving down their case.. there is no profit to be had in this sort of venture... and frankly who in the world really cares .. motivations are either for ego or money... and i'd say if you derive either from arguments on ET you better rethink you strategy... I came here to make friends and get friendly advice.... so everything else i just try to ignore completely..
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  8. Then it couldn't have possibly been the Chicago office, and you've never even met me in person. Look I get it- You thought I was misrepresenting myself, you got a little over-enthusiastic in your 'unmasking' efforts by pulling that "net-loser in the last 8-10 years" comment about me out of your ass, and now inertia alone will carry this thing forward needlessly.

    I have an alternate suggestion: Instead of continuing this tit-for-tat, we could hate each other quietly. You can even take one more cheap shot, 'reveal' stuff I've already admitted here twenty times if that's what gets you off (but I won't tolerate more lies), and then we're all done with this. It would be in your best interests too, but it's up to you.
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    Don't kid yourself that this thread was anything other than a dig at my handle. It's insulting to the intellect of anyone reading this thread. And please don't embarrass yourself with the threats. What you'll tolerate means nothing to me, but thanks for looking out for a fellow Schonfeld alumnus. I think its midnight out by you. Maybe you should shoot some drugs or take some lunesta and get to bed.
    And you're the liar. You never admitted the LAC blowup until now.
  10. I've admitted twenty times worse!

    By overlooking this and all my other similar posts you had me pegged all wrong, and yet I'm offering to end all of this right now.
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