You know what scares me?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by easyrider, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. All these people saying the war will be over in two weeks. Im enough of a contrarian that this worries the hell out of me.
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    I HOPE there will be no war. Best victory for us, Saddam exiles with his men and women. But it should not be through Iran. But if I am wrong, it is not my fault.


  3. "I drop the case, Mary Ann gets better -- and I hate her for it."

    (name the movie)!
  4. what is Devils Advocate?
  5. great movie, but what's with Keanu's southern accent??

    I think I could do a better southern accent!
  6. I think it depends on what you define as over (from a military perspective).
  7. I think this only applies if you try to do some technical analysis or charting about the war.MACD, stochastics, etc:D :D
  8. this contrarian concept is over-rated. so many people claim to be "contrarian" because it's "cool" to pretend you're different than the crowd. sometimes crowds are right. sometimes they're wrong.

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    Has the sky ever fallen?
  10. To plaigarize the head of a daytrading firm I know:

    "What do you do when the sky is falling?"

    A. Sell sky.
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