You know what humans really need, education on how to get information

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  1. in this thread I am serious, no horsing around (BTW Italians eat horses and make sausages out of them, just so you guys know)

    here is the thing

    you all know how most people on ET want to be traders but haven't a clue how to turn profit

    so what is missing is information BUT wait a minute, information is easy to come by, what is really missing is ability to find information. Lets say you want to be a medical doctor, so you go to your local university and you start asking questions

    how long is the med school, what do I need to get in etc etc etc

    so about trading, 99% of you haven't a clue where to get your information, WHY NOT, Why The Fuk Not

    why is trading so different from MED school

    listen to me very careful you people

    When did one of you get up and leave your basement and found out where is the nearest trading floor and asked questions

    ohh yeahhh little baby will get no answer on first try, well then you go o a second floor

    you will come across a guy like me, who would say, OK listen I will give you few pointers

    you people need to get a serious grip :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    I'll send you PM, oh that's right you disabled it. What I wanted to tell you is not to focus on me but on what I am saying
  4. just a bump, I am trying to save souls here

    the more read the more learn


    I get dark pleasure out of teaching


    :p :p :p

    ok now you know I am certifiable :D