You know what gives you viruses???

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    I'm 100% POSITIVE!
    I've been using my home computer the same as I always do, and I've never used anti-V software because of my conspiracy theory that they actually CAUSE viruses..

    Well my stupid friend came over and said "YOU GOTTA HAVE THIS, norton spyware, adaware, some bullshit"...
    and he installs it, and this week, my computer starts fucking up royally like it's having a stroke...

    It's no longer a theory - it's the troof, roof..

    Just go to sites you know and don't be an idiot and download exe files from Nigeria..

    Thank you..
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    Even if they don't cause viruses, the amount of resources these programs tie up makes them as bad as viruses, in my opinion.
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    I never use anti-virus, although my computer is locked down.
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    Norton is notorious for effing-up computers.

    I've used AVG AntiVirus for yrs, no problem. And it certainly doesn't cause viruses. Sorry, but that's ridiculous.

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    while we're on this topic, does anyone know of a free anti-virus that you can install on your comp? i'm not talking about the free online scans. i'm talking about something that you can install and completely replace norton.
  6. Try..

    avg free edition. very good imho.
  7. try computer associates, they give 1 year free trials on antivirus software.
    i just switched to them from norton, because i had too many problems
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    check out AVAST...they just won an award for their free AV program. i have been using it for a couple years and havn't had an incident yet.
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