You know Republicans really F**CKED UP WHEN

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They really messed up

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  1. A black man named with a muslim sounding name called Obama wins by a landslide.
  2. He's going to do it again in 2012

    The Republicans are really F**CKED UP WHEN the best they have to offer is Sarah Palin,Bobby Jindal and Newt Gingrich,Rush and Micheal Steele

    Those clowns belong in a circus not leading a party
  3. American people don't have fixed political philosophies. The very same people who re elected W in 2004 and bought the war on terror nonsense, swept republicans from congress in 2006 on a "rage vote".

    2010 is a different story. If economy stagnates, healthcare fails or passes and is epic fail what would be the cornerstone of Obama presidency? Hope&Change only work as an outsider strategy. You can't run as an outsider when you are the sitting president.
  4. obama knows what he is doing with this stimulus money.Only about 60 billion of 800 billion has been released.before re election time stimulus money will flood the economy.Even if the results are artificial,there will be positive results when hundreds of billions of dollars flood the system, and those results will be played on TV daily

    In 2010 the Televisions across the US will see Troops coming home with their family's crying while meeting them at the airports.Obama brought our troops home !!!!!!!!

    The health care thing is a wild card that I cant speculate on as we don't even know what it will be.What ever it is millions more will have health Ins,any damages from a health care bill wont be seen immediately so it wont hurt Obama much even if it ultimately fails

    Obama could get really lucky if the Repubs nominate Palin .
  5. Obama is not a political god. Remember, many of his initial cabinet nominees started out as tax cheats, one of his nominees for commerce secretary backed out (sen gregg I believe) and now Sen Grassle stabbed him in the back on health care.
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    Grassley is the other party. What possibly makes you believe that he would be accomodative of Obama's agenda?
  7. I did not think of any republicans as accomadative but a day after obama mentions him in a town hall as one of the positive voices from the republicans side on the health care debate, grassley stabs him in the back. Obama got punked there.
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    I think that the wildcard is inflation... Martin Armstrong had a really strange life but he was a very smart guy, still is maybe, I don't know what years of solitary does to a guy though... he predicted this international credit crisis and he predicted it would be followed by hyperinflation.. if the hyperinflation hits far enough into Obama's term that he can't pass off the blame and people on fixed incomes are starving [it literally happened here in the US in the Carter years folks] then BO Pelosi and Company are out of POWER.. and POWER is all they know baby.. they don't know economics, they don't know history, they don't know their Bibles... but POWER, wow, they know that one... they have the POWER to put Black voters on a virtual reservation and keep them there, and keep getting their votes.. they have the POWER to promote the gay lifestyle even after it killed millions of youths and all the hemopheliacs, they have the POWER to promote some quasi Fascist-Marxist garbage after it killed hundreds of millions of people already... POWER baby, that's what they know... they have the POWER to bring in the poor from other countries and give them our money in welfare and health care, they have the POWER to trash Bush for eight straight years, never giving him credit for a stellar economy, convincing people we were in a depression in the middle of grand prosperity.. they have the POWER to make us feel guilty about the shitty plight of shitty people everywhere... they have the POWER of the media.... the POWER to not cover what they don't want to no matter how great it is... and the POWER to hammer their miserable self defeating outlook down our throats every single day....

    and with all that power I still think they will flash in the pan... LOL

    What a relic of the centuries past Socialism is.. are Americans going to work hard so that Illegals and ghetto fools have the same health care as a worker has? I already stopped working hard and that was one reason.. if I can strip mine the economy while these outdated moronic leftist idealogues are destroying things.. fine, I'll laugh at them when their fixed income society can't feed itself...
  9. Illegals will not be covered by Obamas health care plan,not 1 proposal includes coverage for illegals

    You're bitching about health care for the poor,100 billion a year.The Iraq war will cost over a trillion dollars,Bush's last preset for his supporters was the 700 billion dollar tarp package for wall street

    I guess you have no problem with your money going to wall street and their CEO's multi million dollar bonuses and Haliburton etc ?

    You seem to have a big problem with government spending,do you know that both Bush and Reagan spent more then Clinton ?
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    They nominate up for POTUS a guy who was seriously considering switching parties, PO the base, get creamed in the election, then stand around thinking "Gosh, maybe we weren't liberal enough."
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