you know its true what they say, Stocks are easier than FX

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by AloAlo, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. AloAlo


    FX trading can be done, I've seen a guy get wealthy by it in only 5 years

    however, you do need to be more sophisticated in FX,

    stocks can forgive your average approach of buy a trend and hold and set small loss

    try that with FX, you'll get smoked so fast, you'll be done

    LOL assuming you got a good broker and not a bucketshop

    if you are with bucket shop your failure is 100% in the long run,
  2. Are you a successful FX trader?
  3. Surprise


    U can make money in both markets , but ofcourse stocks is better for buy and hold if u know which stock to buy ...
  4. TRS


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  5. Alexis


    As always, it's a matter of time frame and methodology. Some longer term trend folowing methods are very successful on some pairs.

    But very noisy in shorter time periods indeed
  6. About that bucket shop thing, are they really that common ...for stocks that is? :confused:
  7. he knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that might be a great trader... :D