You know how we are all competitors right, BUT what if

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  1. madrid9


    Here is an interesting idea

    You know how we are all competitors right, and of course those who share edge are probably dying from cancer or something

    So, how about this

    If bunch of us good traders (no kids and wanabies) if we form a guild where we all share our indications not our “edge”

    We can drastically improve our odds.

    Because if a group of 10 good trades all agree on direction of a stock or market, that is a pretty darn good indication.

    And if 8 out of 10 agree on direction, other 2 should probably reconsider.

    What do you fellows think about that
  2. achilles28


    I think the idea is sound and already exists - its called TA. Support and resistence
  3. i think this thread is going to get ripped apart by the ET community
  4. I think I want to be a fly on the wall!
  5. A much better system would be to get 10 'kids and wanabies' to make their predictions instead.

    When a majority of them line up one way, then thats the perfect time to trade the opposite way.
  6. Yeah, I see the floodgates about to be opened..and ready to move this thread at a whim... why would anyone want to share their hard earned edge, if not for monetary gain? Even though I believe in abundance there is enough money to go around in this world, and in markets. I also believe in paying your dues, and putting it together for your self. Even if an edge was given it might not fit everyones psychology and capitalization. Also the understanding of the logic of the edge is needed through experience, to be able to identify when its time to make slight changes to adapt. On that note, we all see things differently, and I to would also like to be a fly on the wall of that meeting when your trying to collaborate on what the edge is that fits everyone. Next..
  7. Isn't that the same as most system developers?

    Same Data. Same Tool. It's inevitable for trader's performance to start correlating.
  8. I think this is a small enough community where it could work, but if it did become successful some on here would start fading it. Whether those fades would have an impact, I do not know.
  9. Wups, I misread the first post. Still, very good points by chaos.

    I'm sure professionals do this all the time, although it would never be as explicit as you propose.

    But if you're one of the 2 who would change their mind based on the other 8, I don't think you would be in this business for long.
  10. madrid9


    this is designed to be funny

    but you know what, it got me thinking


    if I found a way to get opinions of 100 average traders (meaning long term losers) at the push of a button

    it could be used as understanding crowed


    now of course someone said that people already give you opinion through the chart

    BUT, its would be nice to get opinion of people BEFORE opening next day

    now yes, futures would indicate that opinion but still I would still like to test few ideas
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