You know how people fail and regret it, You Should Never Regret it !!!!

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  1. lets say you gave trading your best try and you simply couldn't make it work, and you spent 5-7 years, and about 40 k

    and now you wanna step into random Brooklyn gang war all dressed up in suite and tie just so some guy pulls a gun and finishes you.............cause you hate yourself that much

    well guess what, that is completely wrong attitude

    Aren't you glad you had guts to try

    Aren't you glad you can NEVER say, oh I wish I had the time to try, I wonder how it would turn out.

    You gained experience most people didn't

    you are richer for it....think about it

    you ought to be fuking proud of yourself
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  3. Imo, most people in the twilight of their lives regret what they haven't done more so than the consequences of what they did that didn't work out all that well.
  4. nutmeg I keep saying it again and again

    you are a bright guy.......coming from me, that's good :D
  5. Thanks.
  6. thats like saying you regret not spending more time at a craps table. you cannot compare trading to other endeavors,its much different. i could see regretting that you never opened a restaurant,started an engineering firm,opened a bar ect... but trading,too much of a gambling component.
  7. first off

    did you even read this thread

    second, starting a bar, restaurant etc, is very risky VERY

    you would know that if you had friends in business
  8. 50% of restaurants fail.

    90% of traders go broke, to the point where they give up. Which is failure.

    Both are risky I would say.
    Hell, just about anything is risky.
    Ever go snowboarding??
    Or just walking down a set of stairs...

    shit happens, pick up the pieces, and fix what was wrong!

    Never regret and never surrender.
  9. Loki


    It is tricky.

    I met someone who failed at trading for 10 years and in the last 3 he figured it out. Now he manages a small hedge fund with a capital of 1.5 M.

    However I do know many more people that failed, keep failing and will be a failure at trading no matter what.
  10. ER9


    bullshit! its gambing if you dont know what your doing and approach it from the wrong perspective, which alot of people probably do, but with a little thinking and experience it turns out that its really a % numbers game. the point is to find an edge/advantage through whatever means that allows you to win a higher % than you loose over a specific period of time. its really that simple.

    that being said i agree...i guess it depends on which a persons personality can live with easier....regret or failure.
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