you know how people complain they lack edge, I got 5 in 9 months

Discussion in 'Trading' started by update, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. update


    2 edges in FX

    1 Edge in CL (oil)

    1 edge in YM

    1 Edge in ES

    I mean granted I worked in total about 5 years but these were all created in 9 months.

    Here are the Steps

    You gotta ask, who are the participants in this market, what do they want, do they want to play, or do they want to screw around (ok last one is just for comedy :D )

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  2. xburbx


    is it worth asking to elaborate?
  3. update


    I can elaborate but it won't mean anything because I have to leave out crucial information.

    follow the trail, follow where and when Timberhill and others take the other side of the trade, identify who plays and if they have an edge. Needless to say, this is for sophisticated traders, not your average attention span person. You also need to be computer savvy. So 1 in 200 I guess :)
  4. xburbx


    is it a an edge for scalping or longer moves?
  5. update


    intraday trades sure but not overnight
    well maybe but I don't want to leave nothing overnight. That's just me
  6. Those who blab loudly "HEY I HAVE AN EDGE" usually don't have an edge.
  7. update


    just trying to send a msg to people that it can be done, take it as you want