You know Ben is going to cut 50 bp

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  1. Hell there's a sperm out there that's about to put himself in debt .. DON'T DO IT MAN! You don't know what you're getting yourself in to!
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  2. Why didn't he become a Wall St stock analyst?
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    This country is done. We are second rate.. and will be second rate... This country is perfect if want want everything for free.
    Better yet swim here with your banana boat and go knock on SPITZERS door for a drivers licenses. Then end up in car accident you can go to the ER for free..
    Great place ....

    This country has been taking over buy 3rd worlders... Sorry its try....;.
    Thank the people you vote in because they make sure they live in their gated communities without the common people next to them or in their elite clubs...
    Sorry to say the good old USA has seen better days. I was born here and served in the military..
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  4. Some founder of the VFW could have written the same thing, around 1901 or so, when all those people were passing through Ellis Island. If I looked, I'm sure I could find someone from back then who did.
    Shorting this country is the surest way to the poorhouse there is.
    Immigration is a sign of strength, not weakness. Certainly not decadence. They're not crossing deserts and seas because they think where they came from is worse than what is on the other side.
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    Yes Tre I agree. My grandparents came are with $2.00 in their pocket.. No free hand outs.. No cry babies. They worked very hard.. If u didnt u were in the street.. To many people coming here and taking our resources and sending them out of the country.. thats not good.

    Forget about the law suites..
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