You know Ben is going to cut 50 bp

Discussion in 'Trading' started by detective, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Why is there all this lowballing by talking heads trying to talk down expectations when Ben loves the 50 bp bullet aimed straight at the temples of the shorts. It has been completely telegraphed.

    Punish the savers, reward the bankers, who are Ben's buddies.
  2. Not very smart for a detective. To any thinking person a cut like that at this time would mean there is serious trouble apparently, of which we haven't seen the most. Tbh. I couldn't think of a more bearish sign than that.
    Of course we will have the usual bulltraps again, after teh cut, like we had last 2 times.
  3. Likewise, Paulson introducing an #800 to help people in distress
    with mortgages. Oh man, is this gonna blow up.
  4. The real question is why haven't they cut sooner.

    If FOMC doesn't cut 50 bp minimum there's something fishy.
  5. lol you should do stand up.
  6. 50 bps is on the verge of insanity. If he does it's my hope that the dollar craters straight to zero and we all live in a third world country.

    Punish savers....then punish everyone. I've had it.

    In fact, for anyone who thinks that we are safe after a 50bps're wrong. We will be in the deepest shit you've ever seen.

    ECB and Saudi's are NOT cutting.....WAKE UP. Doesn't this mean anything?!?!?! We're going to see money fly out of this country faster than a rocket sled on nitrous. Not only that as if things weren't bad enough oil will move away from the dollar.

    PERIOD. It's SUICIDE to keep cutting.

    Fuck, im making another thread.
  7. Didn't Canada just cut rates, their manufacturing base is worried as they should be. This will be interesting to watch. I am all for a cheaper euro as well, like $1.17.:)
  8. nealvan


    Commite suicide? A rate cut is the same as injecting money into the system. There will be more exported goods and that will balance out the economy. People get on planes from Europe just to come shop here. Work an extra shift from time to time and work on the weekends before you slit your wrist. Anyone that wants to commite suicide is a quiter. 3rd world country - suicide - Get a grip man! The US is the greatest farming nation and there's no way it will ever be a 3rd world country. Just because there's alot of people that live beyond their means doesn't mean the world is comming to an end. America used to be tough now everybody acts like they have gulf war syndrom. Like my dad says time to get your boots on!
  9. I dont need to work. However, i'm stating this from a moral standpoint. It makes me sick. Unfortunately, I have a real problem with what's going on. It may be the "right" thing, but it's not how I like getting things done.
  10. Im not committing suicide? Im saying it is to continue to cut rates. No one looks at the negative effects because a rate cut is always positively biased.
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