You know 50bps is coming

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  1. Market isnt rallying on 25bps cut. You just know that 50 is coming. So buy rumour sell the fact.

    Why are central bankers so dumb, and bailing out the irresponsible?
  2. You think so even with a 200k jobs number, Christmas hiring remember.

    Guess this is the santa rally. Sure is easy making money going long on pull backs.
  3. If there are 200k jobs why cut rates at all? I think the market will be disappointed with 25bps. Ben wont disappoint.
  4. You are right, market wants to go higher for sure. This is so easy making money going long the index futures.
  5. How's it going stock trad3r? I knew you couldn't stay away!
  6. is she still alive?
  7. S2007S


    25bp would be a huge let down, 50bp could lift the markets but they seem a little overbought at the moment.

    Tuesday should be a volatile day, I think the dow could easily swing 250-300 points.
  8. yea and the .50bps is already factored in...not big move either way next week...sorry
  9. Will be fun and games when Ben runs out of bullets. No choice then to face reality.
  10. At this point .50 is baked in and anything less is a let down.

    A run to 13.9k DOW by Tuesday, then the next leg down to 12,xxx will be worse than the other 3. I feel like the market pre-ejaculated this passed week before the ACTUAL cut.

    Almost time to fade the FED again or is this time different and its 15k parabolic DOW????????? Bleh, lots more shoes to drop next year.

    You run out of rumors of cuts and actual cuts, what does the FED have left. I hope they use up all their ammunition....
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