you just knew this was coming. palin working for fox news.

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  1. Palin To Become Fox News Contributor

    It was inevitable. Fox News confirms to the New York Times today that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will become a regular contributor to the cable news channel.

    In a multi-year deal, Palin will appear on the channel regularly. A source told the Times that while she will not have her own regular show, she will host an occasional series.

    Financial terms were not disclosed.
  2. 105 million for a 4 year contract. Not too shabby.
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    shes a perfect fit in a cast that stooges...unlike hannity she has a journalism degree-supposedly.
  4. shit really? damn, no wonder eric bolling said fuck NG trading, tv pays like a champ!
  5. i think it means she has given up being president. i think everyone understands that her strength is in her silence. every time she speaks unscripted more people realize she is borderline stupid. if she is on tv 4 years there will be no one left that still thinks she is qualified to be president.
  6. This is actually a good thing for conservatives, there is no way she will even have a hope of running once she has been on T.V. regularly. It will be a good fit for her since 90% of the talking heads are dumber than shit.
  7. Yeah she is stupid and raking in $105 million over 4 years. How much are you making? Like she really gives a shit what you think.
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    Can you provide a link substantiating the above?
  9. Yeah, no kidding. I guess she really screwed up resigning as Alaska governor too.

    Wonder how that little twerp levi is feeling now?
  10. 2012 Obama call options IV dropped like a stone on Palins fox announcement.

    With her out of the way, The republicans can actually concentrate on putting a viable candidate for 2012.

    Without Palin, Chances of Obama being re-elected dropped significantly.
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