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  2. Where the cry from the left concerning this war??? Oh wait, they have more of a reason to go to war than we do after 9/11. My bad.
  3. Obviously the Arabs don't understand our concepts of free speech and tolerance. if we apologize for mishandling a koran, they feel it is an admission of guilt. Then it becomes the next level for further apologies and admissions of guilt. Finally, we are observing sharia law by default. So the only sensible way to deal with them is to never explain, never apologize. Or make it clear that while we do not intentionally insult any religion, neither are we bound by the laws and restrictions of that religion. If we want to mishandle a koran, it is our right to do so.

    In fairness, this guy does have a valid point. Our PC police will come down hard on anyone who engages in a PC violation, free speech be damned. The muslims see this and quite reasonably wonder, why don't we get the same respect? Aren't we at least as worthy of respect as homosexuals? Or violent convicts? Or drug addicts? Or prostitutes?
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    and you dont understand that ignorance of their concepts is deeply offensive to them!

    who is the most ignorant?

    surely your choice of the word 'tolerance' is a little hypocritical here? your views do not seem to be very tolerant of different belief structures or cultures.

    in no way do i believe western cultures should bend over backwards to make muslims happy, or alter our cultures or customs in order to please muslims. however we shouldnt go out of our way to upset them as many on this board would like to see.
  5. You don't seem to get the important idea here. We are not trying to force muslims to live by our rules. They choose voluntarily to move to non-muslim countries, then they expect everyone to "respect" islam, which is code talk for "do it our way or else."

    Certainly no one on the west is restricting the construction of mosques or the practice of islam. Of course, exactly the opposite is true in most of the middle east. Most muslim countries either totally ban other relgiions or are deeply hostile to them. Possession of a Bible is a serious offense in supposed allies like Saudi Arabia.

    The idea that we shouldn't "go out of our way to upset them" sounds fine in theory, but in practice, it becomes that we are not allowed to criticize them or their relgiion or do anything or say anything that violates any aspect of it, no matter how trivial or crazy. I don't see people going out of their way to avoid upsetting Christians. Muslims shouldn't get special treatment, just because they react with violence to anything that upsets them.
  6. You should also take into consideration that there will always be extremists who will be allowed a voice in our PC environs. To a sizable percentage, your very existence and culture is an insult. And in no way should you temper your existence on whether or not they are happy with you and your positions.

    The extremists thrive and exist because of the passive positions of their own peoples. They will not do any more than offer lip service AGAINST those who they disagree with. And that even becomes faint and nonexistent when the time comes to challenge the wrong doers.

    Think about it. There are multi-million dollar rewards offered for turning in world wide sought after criminals. They won't even begin to be collected by many there. Yet the same folks will find the energy to march, protest and even kill because of a cartoon. They allow themselves to be blown up and terrorized because it would be immoral to rat on the ones who would kill them. Hmm! Killed if they do, killed if they don't! What's wrong with that picture? :)
  7. This is exactly the point I've been repeatedly trying to explain here for the past three years. You guys starting to get it now?

    <b>SHAME MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. Everything else is secondary. Contradictions are irrelevant; logic and reason unimportant. HONOR MUST BE RESTORED, and this can only be done at the expense of those who originated the "insult".</b>
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    I'll get excited about this after American girls stop fucking their dogs and horses and posting it on the internet.
  9. Too many in the West do not understand this simple truth. Instead of realizing that, they focus their energy on blaming themselves, their native countries, their governments, their very cultures whilst giving those who would love the chance to slit their throats a pass.

    Bush is a terrorist.

    Blair is a terrorist.

    That Muslim burning the American flag and chanting for the death of Danish cartoonists? Nothing wrong with him. He's a VICTIM of America and the West.

    That Iraqi Sunni Muslim planting IED's and blowing up little kids in markets? He's not a terrorist. He's a FREEDOM FIGHTER. The real "terrorist" in Iraq wears olive-drab fatigues, carries an M-16, and is doing it all for the oil....
  10. What amazes me is their interest in not fighting to free their own land from their own. They wish to move to other countries, enjoy the benefits and freedoms that they gain, and then condemn and claim oppression whenever they get the opportunity. They don't have to worry about being killed or having their lives ended because of descension.

    Now this is not ALL Muslims, but it does cover a significant amount. And Americans seem to have this innate need to have everyone love them. We must be great. We must be the best. We must believe that we, and only we, can lead. The perfect recipe for never being able to do it right according to someone somewhere. :)
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