You Just Can't Loose Going Long

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by myminitrading, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. The only way you loose it by getting shaken out of your position, wait for a dip and buy the index, you will very rarely loose, just sit tight it comes right back.

    You must realize the powers that be work together to get the market higher everything hinges on the stock market.

    The data and every piece of it is manipulated just remember its manipulated to get the market higher.

    As the indexes dip slowly add to your position you will hardly ever loose. They will make you squirm but just relax, it always comes back.
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  2. mokwit


    Didn't they say that '98 - 2000. "Just buy the dips" was the slogan I believe
  3. Just about every day at this time you will get a lift. Set you watch, 10-11am cst getting ready for the lunch time reporting, everything is rosy in the USA.

    I have been profiting from this for years, its like taking candy from a baby.

    Thats right fill my pockets with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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  4. Valuations were out of wack, 2000 PEs. Like in the 20s
  5. Easy as pie, come and get it!
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  6. empee


    how did I know it was another myminitrading thread :)
  7. Scale in, sit tight you win free $$$$$$$
  8. the only problem you free $ cost less everyday

    today ES up+1% and CAD +2% AUD+1.5%

    why trade if you can just convert all your money into foreign currencies ang get better return?
  9. Vix down 10% today, don't worry it gaps up 5% every Monday. Just so everyone doesn't become so complacent to set off alarms.
  10. I'm not the normally the spelling police but geez, please learn the difference btw "lose" and "loose"
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