You heard it on ET first, Market down on Monday

Discussion in 'Trading' started by inf000, May 5, 2007.

  1. inf000


    I haven’t done this in a long time

    Here goes nothing ehheh

    Market DOWN on Monday, I can not and will not tell you why.

    Why ??

    Because why is a proprietary method that not even my own mother will ever get her hands on.

    Good luck, god bless and see you all on Monday when you bulls pay me well.
  2. is this the reincarnation of BLUE STREAK ???

  3. seems like a 50 /50 carp shoot but why not
  4. inf000


    how dare you compare me with blue streak :mad: :D

    seriously though, how would a permabull OR permabear
    survive as an investor or trader.

    that makes no sense.

    and even if such idiots are not trading. Why in the world
    would they be on sites such as ET.

    is life that boring ??
  5. xiaodre


    Stochastics are showing a little wiggle on the could be right!

    Wait, which market? :)
  6. inf000


    ES and NQ what else

    the good old american apple pie.

    PS: world is changing at ever faster rate, apple pie ain't what it used to be

    maybe because Apple pie stopped being good ......."to" us
  7. Carp are actually legal to shoot in California.

    You must have a fishing license and of course use a bow and arrow (with line spool) rig.

    But who the heck would wanna eat the things... :D

  8. He sees the shooting star on the daily. Wonderful... fwiw, I agree. 15 handles minimum on NQ.
  9. Smoke em'.....everything bad, tastes better smoked.
  10. inf000


    YUp they are not bad at all

    I am sick and tired of salmon
    #10     May 5, 2007