you have to trade fx with mental stops?

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  1. ok seems brokers are real crooks here and will stop does everyone trade with mental stops only?

    In thast case that puts paid to the arguemant about EA as they leave a real stop in the market.

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    Yes. Here's a thought. Keep it all under one thread. We get it, all fx brokers hunt your 10K lots. Starting 10 threads about the same topic won't solve the problem.

    P.S. Keep a mental stop if you're so worried.
  3. Many of the big traders say do not use stops keep the mental....

    In the future if you have nothing constructive to add f*** off!
  4. It may be more helpful, for you and those offering advice, if you'd post pics of your trade and stop.
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    Ok. It is quite obvious that order flow is valuable to a dealer regardless of the product traded. Hint: it's a source of revenue for a brokerage. Thus, it makes perfect sense to not enter the actual stops in but keep them mental (provided you have the discipline).

    If you feel that the FX market is unfair, why don't you trade another product rather than complain about it in many different threads? Move on to futures, stocks, options. But I suggest you focus on your method rather than blame the broker.
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    chip, what's your trading strategy?
  7. this has nothing to do with my anyone who doesn't like being fleeced by a broker has a bad method? LOL you guys... So if i was trading all year then my broker upped sticks and ran away with my cash......I should change my method of trading? Right.

    I do not scalp and use wide not an issue. I am up abpout 8% this month. Over 9% last month so please stop with the crap about my system not being good enough....This has nothing to do with any bad trades...It's about establishing what goes on and how to avoid it. GOT IT?

    If I was up 50% and still got fleeced on a trade by my broker i'd be pissed! What's your problem? I wonder if some of you aren't these brokers?

    What's my method?... Like I'd reveal anything about it here?:eek:
  8. Why do you use stops?
  9. actually, mental stops work best, with your finger on the mouse, ready to hit the market close button
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    Or you could code your strategies and have them sitting on your server ready to execute as market orders when your "stop" price gets triggered.

    This way your bucketshop er I mean broker will never see them.
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