You have to love Olbermann

Discussion in 'Politics' started by drjekyllus, Sep 24, 2009.

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    He is trying to slam O'Reilly by bringing up ratings and it is hilarious because even the numbers Olbermann uses, he is still getting killed by O'Reilly.

    Olbermann: "The night Billy mentioned, he had 440,000 buyers and we had 367,000 buyers"

    Olbermann: "Bill, why do you keep giving me an excuse to talk about these ratings?"

    Olbermann: "Bill O'Reilly worst person with lower ratings in the world!!!!!!"

    Maybe the Detriot Lions can hire Olbermann because by his logic, they won the Superbowl last year.
  2. Clearly he doesn't understand numbers, or much of anything else, I see him replacing Robert Gibbs as the Odumba press sec. sometime in the future.
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    The whole MSNBC crew,Blowbermann, Madcow and Hathews are a bunch of Hypocrites, Liars and Idiots!!!

    There's not an honest intellectual brain cell in any of their oversized heads!!!

    Here are the numbers for Wed. August 26th, 2009 (demo in first parentheses):

    The O’Reilly Factor – 3,303,000 viewers (876,000) (1,468,000)

    Glenn Beck – 3,040,000 viewers (888,000) (1,385,000)

    Hannity – 2,592,000 viewers (752,000) (1,158,000)

    On The Record w/ Greta Van Susteren—2,104,000 viewers (577,000) (985,000)

    Special Report with Bret Baier– 2,067,000 viewers (463,000) (881,000)

    Fox Report w/Shep Smith–1,590,000 viewers (454,000) (729,000)

    Larry King Live—1,182,000 viewers (299,000) (473,000)

    Hardball w Chris Matthews—1,123,000 viewers (381,000) (583,000)

    Countdown w/ K. Olbermann– 1,091,000 viewers (320,000) (504,000)

    Of course, Keith Olbermann will likely tell his viewers that he was number one that night.

  4. Fox News...Go Old people Go Old People.

    I have neighbors who never ever ever change the channel from Fox News. And thats exactly what all the numbers suggest.

    Fox News is for Old People who never change the channel because they don't want their very narrow world view upset at all. "I'm old....gimme...gimme...gimme."

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    Fox Noise viewership is up also, but largely as a consequence of the GOP imploding in on itself. As the GOP dwindles, all the dead-enders are flocking to Fox. :D :D
  6. One big difference, Fox is claiming to be a legatimate unbiased news network, MSNBC is a political commentary station for the most part. Fox lies when they say they give the unbiased news. Oberman and Maddow don't claim to be unbiased.
  7. If Fox was a bookstore all they would carry is comic books.
    If Fox was a hospital they would only perform boob jobs, and liposuction.
    If Fox was a sports organization they would sponser lingerie football.
  8. But they are a cable news network and at that, they have dominated the competition. There is zero dispute there.
  9. ???:confused:
  10. The dumbing down of America is best represented by those who think truth is derived from popular opinion...
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