You have to Buy the Newbie Panic!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hairdresser, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Trust me, it works everytime.
  2. hairdresser 1: newbies 0
  3. dac8555


    i agree there are a lot of opportunities in a market correction...but why is this "newbie panic"?

    you are not a newbie?
  4. what? the newbies are the panicy posters on the site.

    I said to buy, whats your point?
  5. wowee, another strong day in the US Market. all the panicky posts, you just had to buy it.

  6. dressboy, i have to admit, the US market is absorbing a lot of the bearish sentiment from the last 48 hours. A few good earnings surprises should squeeze the shorts.
  7. The newbies are long size.
  8. dac8555


    i concur. I think caution is at hand, becuse it could be the tip of the iceberg....but after panic in europe and japan...the market is holding up very well. just a little blip. i was concerned after reading market watch this morning "the perfect storm". Regardless i am flat for the rest of the day...maybe the rest of the week.
  9. zdreg


    but are they long and strong?:)
  10. anyone notice china began to dip sometime in late jan, which preceded jap. asia is obviously the leading indicator here...

    id like some info about the current state of realestate in the US and abroad... are there any new articles lately? or is this the quiet before the storm?
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