You have got to be kidding me

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    stop your fucking crying and be a man you little :eek:
  2. Dude, its Nancy Pelosi. What else would you expect?
  3. What is political violence? Isn't that what they do everyday?

    What exactly are you mad at?

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    He's mad at the truth getting out. I don't recall anybody on the left EVER threatening violence against Bush. I've already seen several threats against Obama from the right.

    I was a C-Span fan back in 2000. About a dozen callers into the morning talkshow discussing the controversial election results (which was still unresolved at that time) threatened violence if things didn't go their way. Every single threat was a rightie supporting Bush. Not one Gore supporter made a threat.
  5. So I guess we should all just agree with whatever obama says, right? Otherwise we are not only racists but threatening violence? Can't have that.
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    Why do you guys always go from one extreme to the other? I guess there's a name for that: extremists. :p
  7. The short and selective memory of the radical left. Nice job showing your ass.
  8. My first vote was Reagan's second term. So I'm not that old but I'm no spring chicken either. I've never in my life seen the type of vitriol in American public debate like we see now. It actually scary that we as a country can't have a functional debate without some jerkoff berating (You lie!) the President from the peanut gallery...or without signs from the teabagers that say "Bury Obama with Kennedy," or using terms like fascist, socialist, Marxist to describe the health care debate. It's really unbelievable.

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