you have been trading for 5 years now and want out

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  1. Say you have been trading for 5 years. You're profitable, but not extremely and are thinking of doing something else. What can do you? I can't imagine you can get any job worthwhile with a 5 year gap on your resume.
  2. Open a trading chat room and start charging fees :)
  3. Depends. Depends on how you explain what you did.

    I spent 4 years at a prop. Then 1 year with my own group , (me and another.) I wanted more money and more interaction with people.

    I ended up joining a small Private Capital group that develops land, M/A activity and all kinds of DPPs. ( Direct Partnership Programs.)

    Of course I had to get more lisc. (series 22 and Real Estate) and I had to learn a lot of key M/A procedures.

    I found that interviewing with a "Big Company" or a typical 9 to 5 bullshit job, did not work.

    Once I found the Private Equity world, I fit right in and they welcomed me. They asked a lot of questions as to why I wanted to leave the trading world, why some drawdowns came, what I learned, etc.

    But the end result, I make 10X more money than 90% of the "Day traders", I know. I have been taught more in the last 3 years than I would could ever be thankful for. I am still being taught about M/A, Negotiations, Financial Markets, Risk and Networking.

    I still trade my own account but have to have all my trade info copied to the LLP. They will not allow me to trade in Sectors that we are "dealing" in.

    So, don't give up the Financial World. Hunt for that right "situation". Try to find the Private Capital, the individuals who are wealthy and respect people who want to continue to thrive, even if it means going into a whole new ball game.

    Stay away from the 9 to 5 companies who hire Sheepole to work for them. They will not understand what you did for 5 years, why you want to leave and NON OF THOSE HEAD SHEOOPLE have ever taken any risk. Thus, they have no idea.

    There is life after "day trading". Also, there is a lot of money to be made out side "day trading".
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    AFTER daytrading...............means you flunked :D
  5. I agree. The top paid guys in the business are in Pravate Equity, and Hedge Funds.

    Wish I could go from Retail Broker/RIA to Private Equity, but am sure it would be difficult for me getting hired with only 4 years Series 7, and 66...
  6. Perhaps you're joking, but I don' t agree with that statement. Day Trading isn't the "end all be all" career. I have stepped away from day trading into swing and position trading. Not because I couldn't "make it" day trading, but because it has become a time sink.

    There's lots to do and learn out there.
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    If someone tells you that trading for 5 years is a "gap" in your resume you better put them in their place. If you spend that much time dedicating yourself to a discipline where 90% fail and you come out the other end of it with more then you started with, then that should beat the "cubicle yes man" every time.
  8. you are a loser. I just love day trading since no other occupation except CEOs/entrepreneaurs can make me so smuch money . I know I do not have the CEO talents (I hate command/manipulate people and lack of bussiness vsision), but I can beat them on the trading field. if you are successful, five years work is enough for you for the rest of your life!
  9. Welcome to life. How come so many people around here have a problem with it?
  10. People that post on here daily are losers in life and trading.
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