You guys with unpopular political opinions should try Session, a fully encrypted messanger app.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Oct 30, 2021.

  1. The previous "King of the Hill" in encrypted messaging apps was Signal.

    Yes, Signal's messages were encrypted, but you could see who they were going to. A prominent financial whistleblower was recently caught by using Signal (Natalie Edwards), because investigators only had to look at who her messages were going to (even if the content itself was encrypted). Yes, Natalie was sending messages to the journalist who broke her story concerning leaked docs (from U.S. government agency FinCen).

    Session app doesn't leave a trace of the contents, OR who the message is going to. A valuable tip for you and your friends.

    Here's a summary:

    Session is: - decentralised - onion-routed - anonymous account creation - e2ee by default - funded by a registered non-profit org - fully open source (clients and server) - independently audited (clients and server).
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    Yeah, solid advice for you clock tower mofos.
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    We're supposed to have freedom of speech in this country.
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    Which country?
  5. True freedom of speech is coming. Encryption is getting us there.

    The creepy human controllers in big government are losing their grip.
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    What's an "unpopular political opinion"?

    oh, pedo and other criminal shit, got it
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    True freedom of speech? Whatever that means. It has existed for decades under the belly of the internet. Young people are too fucking stupid to figure it out. They are not phone phreakers.

    It's called IRC and Usenet, d00ds, d00ders, or d00derinos if yer not into the whole brevity thing.