you guys want earnings--Read This !!!

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  1. CHECK OUT APOG. what a stellar report..go look at that earnings report,this is a swing traders dream.i bought some at 26.50 and 26.90..only 500 shares but will buy more.
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    thanks - I'll make sure I sell it at a real good price in a few days
  3. yea, I both this stock before earnings

    average price per share was 25.18

  4. Congrats at losing $9.00 today, get back to me when you lose $300,000 in a day.
  5. That lost is the 9.99 commission I pay to E-Trade which is calculated in the P/L statement.
  6. as i said,i took an after hours position.there were'nt that many shares offered so i nailed the offer a few times and was able to muster up 500..i think it see's 29 tomorrow.
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    You like to pay your broker $9.99 to buy 68 shares....Getting ripped off on commissions buddy.

  8. That is a gamble. The CC is tomorrow am thats why the stock didn't trade in AH. You bought the high 26.90 and the year high at that.

    Good luck with that one
  9. its not that much of a gamble because the earnings release explained everyting; raised guidence and higher margins and backlog. what else do you need? also,the cc is stellar,i am listening to it now.
  10. sold APOG at 27.48.. was in at 26.90 from after hours last night. also made a quick scalp in ACGL.
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