You guys like Investors Business Daily????

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  1. starza


    New trader and I'm thinking of buying a subscription.

    If you guys don't like it, can you suggest another read?

  2. I enjoy it, but the daily subscription is a little too much (i.e. too frequent). I just go up to the bookstore of gas station most Saturdays and pick up the IBD Monday edition. You get the new IBD 100.
  3. I subscribed for about 5 years. I thought if I had to start somewhere, IBD is respectable, covers t/a and what to look for in fundamentals. They have forums where you can ask questions, I particpiated in a few trading contests on simultors with other IBD'ers. I feel their RS index indicator is a great tool. I occasionally read the paper at the library but have since moved on, it does provide a good foundation, imo.
  4. I like Investors Business Daily newspaper. Sometimes I look at Wall Street Journal. I like New York Times Sunday business section also. Investors Business Daily has a web site,
  5. lwlee


    I subscribe to the weekly IBD 100. An Excel spreadsheet with their top picks. I used to get the newspaper as well but found it too much. Besides, the articles are online anyway.

    I am a big proponent of CANSLIM. You have to be careful of getting in too late. It's about momentum buying and you can get hurt if the markets decides to take a downturn.

    I do my own screening and eventually my picks show up on IBD 100 sooner or later. The trick is to get it sooner.
  6. starza


    canslim seems to make sense...however I have gotten in late on too many few positions.....

    how are you screening to stay ahead of the cansliim curve?

  7. mwerbe


    You want to buy when they have the dark bordered box on the monday edition, or better know the system well enough to figure out which stocks to buy before the paper based on their methodology or eventually your own sophisticated analysis. :p
  8. lwlee


    I use Amibroker and QuotesPlus. Excellent and dirt cheap combo for doing stock screening. I do stuff like looking for mid-caps steadily raising in the last 2-3 months for potential breakouts.

  9. gaj


    ibd is by far the best mainstream source of stock stuff.

    i don't subscribe, but used to periodically pick it up for the weekend edition.

    i'd suggest reading (at the very minimum) o'neill's first book, _how to make money in stocks_, before getting IBD.
  10. laeott


    I love IBD. That was the first investment paper I used. We use it in our stock market club as well. We have done very well using it. It is more geared towards investing and short term trading. I wouldn't use it if you are day trading. I would start of with the Monday weekly edition once a week and get to know the paper and check out their website. They also have IBD meetup groups in person that meet once a month to discuss IBD and strageties. It also gives an overview of the stock market, whats happening, features new companies wall st is not writing about etc.
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