You guys can bitch all you want too..but ET is doing better then ever

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Brandonf, Feb 16, 2009.

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  2. Wow, that's an eye-opener.
  3. Pekelo


    Almost half (44%) of the visits are generated by 2% of the addicts...
  4. 2% of the lifeless addicts fuel 50% of the traffic... most of which is worthless drivel that drives away the remaining 50% first-time viewers.

    Exciting news to the legitimite sponsors who might prefer repeated viewings by normal, rational, sane visitors given enough chance to click their links before leaving at first glance in disgust.

    Seen any PureTick-related threads lately?
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  6. People such as myself have to offer up intellectually fulfilling 'meat and potatoes' to counter the marshmallow fluff of the likes of stck_trd3r and his flyweight ilk.
  7. That is probably true of most online "sticky" sites. But for an advertiser, this is not bad. Most sales results from repetitive viewing by the same person. I believe someone once said that the average person who bought something probably saw at least 7 ads for it. Someone who is in and out may be then less likely to buy. It also said 40% of the people generate another 44% of visits.
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    That is what you would want to see in a membership type site, that the vast majority of the traffic would come from a very small percentage of the traffic.

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    You are correct. It's the same thing with autoresponders too btw if you have a website. Most buyers will typically not purchase from you until about the 7th email. After that purchases go way up.
  10. Well said and notice how Baron didn't comment on your post.
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