You gotta read this...electric adds cable broadband in Comp USA

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  1. Well...As you know I bought my new computer (actually a used Dell 8250 from a fellow trader) It is much faster than my Pentium III.


    I now have deluxe DSL on the Pentium III and now I needed Cable to get a backup ISP for the Dell 8250, 2.4 Mgz, 512 ram.

    So I call Comcast and they have a deal for $29.95/mo. for 6 months then $45.95....self install kit.

    Then I go to good ol' CompUSA and the have a ComCast sign-up deal w/self install kit to buy your Motorola modem for 80 bucks and $19.95/mo with $42.95/mo thereafter...but I am not through yet...

    get this...There are three rebates!!!! a gift card for 50 bucks...a 60 buck erebate and a second erebate for 40 bucks. Now if I got my math correct....I make 70 bucks and get the modem free????

    Only in America :)

    Michael B.

    I am writing to you over cable just now, and it is actually as fast as DSL...:)
  2. It should be much faster than DSL actually. All depends on location if DSL, and # of users if cable, but in general cable connections are 5 to 7 times faster.
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    I looked at the same deal at Best Buy.
    I was told that it would take a minimum of 2 weeks to get up and running.
    Couldn't do the self install because Comcast had to run a line from their main box in the alley to the house.

    Called Comcast and and it was done the next day. $19.99 per month for 6 months with basic cable.
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    You are all going to regret it.

  5. Why?

    I have used cable for several years with very few problems. On the rare occasion it doesn't work well, Comcast has promptly fixed it.

    In my experience, cable is very fast and reliable.
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    Same here. My cable in florida seemed to be faster than any connection I ever experienced on the west coast. I would say my cable was unreal fast compared to what I was used to. In Ca I had been in all sorts of offices with all sorts of lines.
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    Let me rephrase, I regretted it and so have most people that I know. But let's analyse this.

    I live in Chicago. Almost all the people that I know and have continual contact with live in Chicago. We got Chicago Comcast.

    What is probably happening is that in areas where they can [must ?] oversubscribe the service and thereby puts it under massive stress, you get bad experiences.

    So I should be more careful. It is very possible that one may have a very positive experience with Comcast or any other cable company. But if your parameters are similar to mine, watch out.

  8. Your point is well-taken; specific circumstances need to be considered.

    I work in suburban Seattle, where user density is at the lower end of the range.
  9. I live in a small rural community and cable is not available. A couple of years ago DSL became available and I have been on it every since. I am absolutely thrilled with the speed that I have after having traded via phone modem for three years. If cable is a lot faster than this then it must really be something but I dont see how my executions could be any faster than they are. What Im wondering is if DSL is subject to the same "crowd" effect that cable is. Am I lucky because there arent many people out here on the line?
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    That is what is key - DSL is a point-to-point connection like T1.

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