You gonna trade Futures (Index, Currencies, Int Rates) this Monday/Prez day?

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  1. You gonna trade Futures (Index, Currencies, Int Rates) this Monday/Prez day? I've never traded futures on a holiday in the shortened hours but, considering trading CME Globex currencies on Monday morning...anyone ever traded Futures on a holiday? Thoughts, comments?
  2. How is the volume? Lots or little movenment?
  3. I knew before I ever clicked on this thread that this had to be the work of inkydinkydooster.

    I would bet I'm not the only one.
  4. I always spend Prez Day honoring past Presidents. I would never think to trade on that day.

    Shame on you for asking.
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    ddaytrader, yes.

    Incy, take the day off dude. Fire up the grill and kick back.
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    Ya know, there are futures contracts that trade in countries who don't even celebrate US Presidents Day. Such as
    • DAX index futures, traded in Germany (EUREX)
    • 90 day Bank Bill (interest rate) futures, traded in Sydney (ASX)
    • EURUSD (currency) futures, traded in Amsterdam (Euronext.Am)
    • MSCI Taiwan stock index futures, traded in Singapore (SGX)
    More shockingly, some Americans actually trade these contracts. Even on President's Day. If you can believe it.

    I only know this, because I do it myself. On Monday I'll be trading all of the above futures contracts, and many more.
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    I'll spend Sunday evening laundering and pressing my flags, then most of Monday praying for our Presidents, past and future. I'll light candles for each of our past Presidents, except for Chester Arthur. I'll light two candles for him, and then eat a bologna sandwich with Frenches Mustard on it.
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    Anyone have a large rolling eyes and shaking head emoticon I can borrow?
  9. subtle :p
  10. thanks MGJ! always had this question...if you as a US resident trade from the US the Euro Bund future or Dax youvhave to pay taxes in' Europe or a transaction tax in Europe or file a tax return in Europe? Or do you just have to include it in your normal US tax filing? Sounds like you would know... Thanks in advance!
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