You Full-Time Traders - What is it you call yourself?

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  1. My first and biggest concern would be to make sure that I'm making a profit. If I'm making money at it, I don't care what anyone thinks. They can call me a bum, a parasite, a recluse, anything they want.

    How about a technical analysist, a technical trader or a commodities trader. I don't think you'd want to call yourself a swing trader. I used to take a book titled "Swing Trading" with me to read while I was with the moms waiting for my kids at dance lessons. It took me a while before I figured out why a lot of the moms were giving me dirty looks.
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  2. TKI


    I trade stocks for a living and I get to work from home
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  3. cszulc


    "Market technician" is more refined than that - just don't put chartered in front of it or else you'll get in trouble for implying you have a CMT designation.

    Just trader or market technician works for me.
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  4. weird.. they gave you dirty looks for reading a swing trading book? lol did you think they thought you were a swinger?
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  5. I tell the people i am a stock broker for a private equity firm and i only trade on the firm,s behalf
    If you tell them you are a daytrade they think you are a gambler
    While a Stock Broker get more request :)
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    What is it you call yourself?

    Pedro, the love bandit.
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  7. equity trader
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  8. Researcher Yahoo finance.

    Actually it depends who's asking doesn't it?
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  9. I would rather say I am a trader , than a broker. First because I am not a broker since I don't sell financial products to clients, and second, a broker is just another type of salesman.
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  10. what about equity pirate
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