You Full-Time Traders - What is it you call yourself?

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  1. soo what do you say to your friends and family or people you encounter who ask the age old question ''what do you do?''

    do you say

    im a day trader
    i trade stocks
    i extract money from the market
    i never leave home

  2. financial rapist :D
  3. NoDoji


    I'm an intellectual stunt double. If you're at a party talking it up and you gradually slide from astoundingly cerebral to falling down drunk, I will fill in for you.
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  5. Hahaha.. I like this question. But i hate people asking me what do i do.

    Most people ask me this question too. Anyway, i;m full time trader.

    When people ask me this question i said i don't do anything. nor working.
  6. lol what is the response you get after telling them you dont work
  7. rickf


    "I pick that rabbit out of the hat while everybody sits out there wondering how the hell we did it."
    (apologies to Gordon Gekko!)

    ...does that make me a magician, sorceror, or wizard? :)

    Seriously, I trade parttime now, so I still call myself a "consultant" and use all my "consulting" titles. But as to down the road if I go into trading fulltime? I dunno, I'd still use "consultant" since I'd still do some consulting work .... but for that matter, does it really matter what we call ourselves?

    Independent Trader?
    Founder, MyOwn Capital Advisors? your own title. :)
  8. A bankrupt
  9. how about 'technical trader' that sounds cool
  10. Whats the big deal with telling people you are a trader. Screw them if they think less of you!

    These people can go back to kissing their managers ass everyday for a promotion!!. Not the life I would want!
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