You ever hear of one of Karen the Supertrader’s Clients suing her?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sweet Bobby, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. With the fiasco and all the talk of law suits being filed against them, I have not once heard of one of Karen’s clients suing her.

    I think I know why. She continues to make them money! Despite so many people here who have trashed Karen, she’s still trading and printing cash. Good to see she’s still current on her SEC filings and managing over $100 million.

    Selling short options premium works and not everyone blows up. That includes Karen and Sweet Bobby!
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  2. JSOP


    No but she's actually being investigated and sued by the SEC.
  3. Are you sure she made money for her clients? It is either she made money or lost money. This is a fact which cannot be argued. No grey area. Which is correct? Made or lose money?
  4. Does she have a fund that has kept track of its performance? Why is it such a mystery? Thanks!
  5. Also, Sweet Bobby, is there some place where you detail out everything you do? Or a book that contains your strategy? I remember some looooong threads of yours, I would sure appreciate it if you could point me to your strategy! Thanks!
  6. newwurldmn


    She didn’t make money. She lost money but only marked realized gains so she could collect fees while unrealized losses continued to accumulate.
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  7. Palindrome


    Selling options naked is the answer to those who can't figure out how to's the grail.

    And remember, if you are selling puts on the are simply long the SPX... So why not just buy it?

    To generate over 10% a year selling puts, you are taking on a quite a bit of risk where the you are probably better off just buying spy's with slight leverage, and maybe selling just a smidgen of puts.
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    Congratulations to you (and Karen?) for doing well making money shorting options.

    It is a great accomplishment. It shows that you can make money as long as you know what you are doing.
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  9. She made millions for her clients.
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