You don't need an ar-15 to hunt!

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  1. Oh,yeah?

    Well, why does the police need this to direct traffic?

  2. The avg American really is a stupid fuck. here we have police rolling around in APCs and we're talking about further restricting civilian gun ownership. haha. Private citizens should be able to own every single thing that the CIVILIAN police force does. I wonder how the taxpayers in whatever city that is feel about buying the police a tank? I mean they aren't military who are deploying to a war zone, they're cops whose job is to keep the very same taxpayers in line.
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    Should the police and the population (good guys and bad) be evenly matched?
  5. OK, so lemme unnerstand this line o' thinking.
    The average person s/b allowed the same armament as the police force, right down to the APC's, cuz if they's taxpayin' mofos an' the guv figgers they needs to get theys asses fo' mo' taxes they jus' might come affer 'em wit' one a these, and so they should have one o' they own to have a fightin' chance 'gainst the man.
    Izzat about right?

    As a side note, you do understand that if this line of thinking is followed all the way through we'd wind up like Somalia?
    Maybe not...
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    Bull Shit
  7. certainly not, the police should be limited to 5 rounds only as future cunts would say.
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    Because we need a daily reminder of how despotic the federal and local governments are becoming?

    Show of force and security theatre are paramount for maintaining the upper hand through intimidation and scare tactics. Specifically, holding the farce that all that stuff keeps us safe.
    Meanwhile we live in one of the safest times in history to be a human being. So to keep those taxes justifiable they must keep the fear real.
  9. No, the police need to have greater firepower and ability to apprehend criminals. The idea that criminals should be evenly matched to the police is absurd.

    Our power comes from the ballot box. As long as this country remains a democracy. Apparently some folks seem to think we don't have one anymore and it has devolved into a lawless frontier town.
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