You didnt vote for a black voted for a white guy!

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  1. This is the guy that writes Obamas speeches

    Its no wonder obama appealed to so many young people...he had a kid writing his speeches!!! Its pretty sad that this country has come to such a thing that presidents do not even write their own speeches. Its someone elses words that they are reading...they are reading the way someone else looks at the world. Why cant these speech writers run for president? Oh thats right...they dont have any money, and you gotta at least be a millionaire if you want to run for president.
  2. "where he rarely shaved, never cooked and sometimes stayed up to play video games until early morning".

    "his new, one-bedroom condo, where the only furniture in place is a blow-up mattress on the hardwood floor. He sometimes writes until 2 or 3 a.m., fueled by double espresso shots and Red Bull".

    "When deadline nears, a speech consumes him until he works 16-hour days and forgets to call home, do his laundry or pay his bills. He calls it "crashing."

  3. Are we setting up for a disaster a la Anchorman with Ron Burgundy if this guy goes psychotic from all those red bulls?

    Obama's state of the union: "Change .. blah blah... and the chipmunks congregrated over the masses and instituted candy cane manufacturing."
  4. I swear, it seems as though most of the people that post on ET aren't old enough to remember the recession of 1981-82, let alone 1973-74 or anything having to do with economics or American history prior to Y2K. - - - They think that Presidents ( only recently ) stopped writing their own speeches. LOL!

    How old are you?

    Presidential candidates ( and Presidents ) have had speech writers for as long as I can remember . . . Where do you think "The Great Communicator" Ronald Reagan got his speeches from?

    Peggy Noonan.
  5. Landis82, you are overlooking the skinhead and inbred contingent. Over the Internet, they can come across as infantile.
  6. fhl


    Reagan wrote so many of his own speeches that he had a book written from them.

    I guess you don't remember as well as your rather inflated ego presumes.
  7. My Aunt was his executive secretary ( and that of former state attorney general Ed Meese ) for about 25 years when Reagan was governor of California.

    But thanks for your insight.
  8. Ask Baron if you can change your name to


    It fits you perfectly.