You Didn't Think It Was Safe to go Short... did you?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. up and up she goes.... where she stops no one knows.
  2. every dip must be bought
  3. me thinks the bulls smell a bit of weakness. I wonder if they will stop buying here.... LMAO

    It's like they are picking on a retarded kid and won't let up.
  4. I agree. Everyone knows the market is "too high" so how can they allow someone to make such simple money by shorting?

    There is no easy money in the markets based on logic. They will break every short before this market will end. That could take months.
  5. Kap


    not until the shorts are all worn out, not until they change there hands, not until the herd is onboard long, then we can go south. But you all know that anyway yah.
  6. Wait a minute.... WTF are these red things on my chart?!?!?

    I am calling my data provider. There must be a problem at the exchange!!
  7. Everyone ready for the mother of all short squeezes?
  8. Is is safe?

    Like getting your teeth pulled:

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  9. Kap


    short the pop over the top, u plop :eek: