You Can't Trade Without A College Degree!!

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  1. There are obviously tons of threads by young people looking for mentors or how to get into the business.

    So, Ill add another to that long list. I went to college for 3 yrs then dropped out because A. I didn't want to go anymore B. I was making alot of money trading in the markets.

    Now, I want to get a 9-5 JOB in the business.

    There is a problem-for some reason it is proving terribly difficult to get even an "office assistant" position with an asset management firm or hedge fund.

    I know trading and the markets extraordinarily well for my age (22)-I'm not stupid, I just didn't want to go to college anymore.

    So here is my question. I KNOW there are plenty of people in the business w/out degrees. Aren't most of the pit traders ex-athletes? So what gives?

    I would be a pit trader except I just moved to Seattle (no exchanges) and from what I hear they are a dying breed. Thoughts?....

  2. The's PIT's are pretty much done. Go back to school part time even if its a community college.

    Your only other alternatives are working in a bucket shop for a prop firm and trading your own capital or day trading.
  3. You'll have to trade for yourself if you don't want to have a degree.

    I am not saying that I should be used an an example or anything, this is just me speaking about myself but I flat out refuse to get a degree, because I am determined to make it on my own without some bullshit degree. I am stubborn as shit and I want to prove a point to myself. It's just a challenge that I want to meet. Going to college now would just get in the way of my trading.....I went for a while and quit as I started to realize that I needed my brain for trading, not Sociology or Western Civ.

    The only time a degree will come in handy for you is if you rely on someone to GIVE you your job/money/success, etc....

    Plenty plenty plenty of entrepreneurs and private traders have made ungodly amounts of money without having a degree....

    The things that can make you successful cannot be taught in any school. If you have learned them and embraced them, you're all set....As long as you have the balls and resolve to strike out on your own. BUT YOU HAVE TO APPLY THE DISCIPLINE OR THE THEORY IS WORTHLESS.

    A degree will only help you if you are aiming to work for someone else in your life.

    Unfortunately I imagine you will need a degree to work as a trader for an institution...I am not exactly sure how it all works, but I imagine they generally like to see advanced degrees, because they somehow equate that with intelligence.

    P.S. As an aside, I think it would kick ass to one day go to a college that had one of those cool classes or degrees in paranormal investigation or some shit like that, and take it just for the hell of it. Yeah now that would be fun. I always thought that shit would be a blast if you had enough money to fuck around like that.
  4. You were "making alot of money", what happened? I assume you're not making money anymore otherwise you wouldn't be looking for a 9-5 job.

    Edit-- What's up Reaver? Good post. I agree 100%.
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    +2 great post!
  6. Thanks man.
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    Why not just keep trading and work for yourself.
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    We think alike.
  9. LH good to hear from you man. Thanks, just another one of those things I feel strongly about.
  10. yeah I agree. it's a good mindset to have.

    generally the people that will knock you either

    a) Don't have the brains and balls necessary to work for themself and take the risk of being an entrepreneur, so they don't see the relevance in the statement.

    b) Already have a degree and realize this truth, but want you to share in their misery.

    c) Have a degree and are on a high horse and think they are special and you are a fool and a peon if you don't have a degree like them.

    d) Are just dumb, and have no concept of ever doing anything for themselves, they will live life in a constant state of seeking acceptance from their employers, putting themselves out for judgement so that their boss may so kindly give them an occasional raise or promotion....they are the classic example of the golden handcuffs. Paid enough to stay, but not enough to where they could ever be independent. I regard those people as cattle.
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