You Cant Just Quit Your Day Job And Become A Trader.

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  1. Ask yourself. can you just quit your day job and become an airline pilot the next day?

    Can you become a doctor the next day? or an automechanic the next day?

    What makes you think trading is any different?

    Its not just sticking money in some trading account and pressing a few buttons and making money.
  2. you have to learn to use the force
  3. Of course you can,
    What do you need to be a trader?
    An online brokerage account; a computer or phone with Internet access and a trading platform. Can’t think of anything else you really need.

    There are no other requirements. You don’t need a licence or any kind of formal training. You then buy and sell securities. Whats so difficult about that? Any idiot can do it.
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    Yes, you can. Just a bad one. :p Doesn't mean a hedge fund will hire you, but it does mean you can hire yourself and lose your own money :)
  5. Your thread title is patently untrue!

    Many people just quit their jobs and became traders.

    I am one of them.
  6. even if you don't know the difference between buy or sell, you have a 50% chance of succeeding

    (not serious)
  7. The only problem with this is that it wasn't my intention to quit my last job as soon as I did, but they didn't like me using facebook to promote my IA so I resigned and now, 2 years later, this after living at home the whole time, I'm pretty dam sure that these are the kind of strategies you can quit your job for... or end a marriage.

    If you disagree please state your academic credentials truthfully.

    Fixed lot size.

    2 GC
    4 NQ
    3 QM
    2 TF

    Daily Period Win Percentages and Total Trade Win Percentages at 95+%.
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    Spot on.

    There are points about what to do in severe drop downs and failing moves, as well as the idiots who have never made a buck (i.e. not drop downs)
  9. Well agreeing that any idiot can trade doesn't help anybody. It's probably worse if someone tries without trying to learn.

    If you'd like to know how many books you'll probably have to read to learn finance well, see my profile page which is a stack of all of the books I think got me to where I am today.
  10. This seems more like effective trolling than effective trading. :p
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