You can't forecast something irrational and wayward (the market)

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  1. You can forecast something that it's rational (i.e. if the market were efficient, and it responds to new information).

    You can't forecast something wayard, even stupid (like the dotcom bubble), or even the subprime mortgage fever from people who couldn't even afford the first monthly payment.
  2. one for you :

    Could you forecast love ? Or could you forecast that this hot babe will get loved ? ahh... sorry you don't know what is hot ? it's socially construct, like the market...
  3. What ? please sir, why are you so stupid ? Please stay away from my post and form the mkt... or please don't be that arrogant and keep some $ in your fridge, for the day when you will have lose everything it will be good to eat...

    Secondly, I spend my time how I want ! We call it freedom !!! But you can't understand it, why... contrary to you I will give an argument... because your are a brainwasched Mtv kid ! As this type you can't understand what mean socially construct... because you are a product ! Sorry for you. Hopefully you could still wake up...

    P.S. the only thing stoping my grandmother from trading is that she don't know how to use a pc ( the truth is that she is smart enough to not make her financial life depends on a wire in the ground )... that's the true "gap"...
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    It must be a dream market for you. Efficiency is at its highest level.
  5. sorry for this biz for years ^^

    I think what you said in one of your post resume everything. I wish you good luck, and hope that you will follow my advice with fridge. It could really save you...

    from Biz for years :

    "have you ever asked yourself, would a successful trader EVER bother posting his statements on ET so that losers like you and me can see it"

    you said it... before to speak learn to listen...

    gg :)
  6. If I was only half as smart as I think I am , I would have been to Mars earlier !
  7. Contrary to your belief, the market doesn't speak your language... neither mine...

    ( ps. I am in funny mood, and you are a funny guy )
  8. I knew it dude !Thanks .

    How is it possible that they went to the moon before I was born, with a technology so rustic that they can't do it at will now ? :confused:
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    you are a big troll, but I will play along anyway.... and think about it, it might do you some financial good.

    one man's rational is another man's irrational... and we don't care anyway.

    pull up a 1 year chart of spy - you can't see the emotions in every bar? you can't see the joy, the envy, the regret, the fear, the frustration, the surrender, the hope in every bar?

    forget about rational, think about what they are feeling out there, and then taking money from their pockets would be like shooting fish in a barrel.... well, maybe not that easy, but betting at 70% odds aint that hard.
  10. The markets are more rigged than a crooked slot machine in Reno.

    Banking, my boy, that's where the money is.

    But you have to be connected to ensure the wisemen don't tax your ass into oblivion (not taxes in the conventional sense, but rolling you over so others can pick at your carcass and strip your wealth away - "blessed & connected" players like Goldman or JP Morgan. They were even given the green light to roll Bear & Lehman).

    We are in the sunset of our empire, where the corrupt have taken over every important and relevant aspect and lever of government. There's not a single person or entity that can stop them.

    Good luck to you all playing in shark infested waters, swimming while trailing chum off the Great Barrier Reef.
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