You can't fake price action

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  1. Price action is king!

    You can't fake price action over the last 15 mins, or so. Is that a fair statement to make?

    maybe you can jam the tape for a miniute or two but that's it
  2. buy the dip!
  3. But price action can fake traders becuase they have different interpretations when observing it, whether by T&S, DOM or charts.
  4. i'm too smart to fall for that! :cool:
  5. i am talking about PURE PRICE action.. not an arbitrary candle formations
  6. Regardless what you're using to observe it--and charts are only one way as I mentioned--it is subject to interpretation by the trader.

    By definition price can't be faked unless the electronic systems behind it make errors and the prints are wrong.

    Anyway, what's the real point you were trying to make in the OP? I'm sure it was more than just to repeat the obvious.
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    Let's not forget that price action only suggests a probability that an expected outcome will follow.
  8. do you have anything that "establishes" a specific outcome?
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    No price action or trade signal guarantees a specific outcome, it only suggests that to a certain degree it is likely to happen but there is always a very real possiblity that it won't happen.
  10. and most people haven't a clue about price action...
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