You can't deny Bush this:

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  1. I'm sure you will come in here with your factless conspiracy theories and your arguments based off of something you once heard a friends brother say, but thats ok.

    Oh and before we get to it, I am voting Obama, so hopefully that will deflect SOME of the conservative bashing trash talk.

    Since 9/11/01 (7 years ago for the slower ones) there has not been another attack on US soil by terrorists.

    This is because:

    A- The terrorists haven't tried. (I don't see how you could agree with this one, but I don't put it beyond some of you).

    B- The Bush administration has done a great job in creating organizations, and whatever else they do, and in doing so have kept us attack free for the past 7 years.
  2. could it be because the terrorists who attacked us the first time were a fringe group who committed a kamakazi attack and took themselves out.
  3. HAHA

    See? I knew someone would answer A...:D :D
  4. if b were true there wouldnt be millions of people walking across out border unchecked every year.
  5. You may not know this but the peak year of illegal immigration into the U.S. was 1996.
  6. Recycled Pabst post alert:

    Formidable U.S. enemies Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-il have literally laid down their arms rather that wind up in Saddam's rat hole.

    The infamous Axis of Evil threatened for extinction by Bush is three and out.
  7. What about the anthrax attacks?

    Here are just a few more:

    "July 4, 2002, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an Egyptian national who lived in Los Angeles, opened fire on the El Al ticket counter in Los Angeles International Airport, killing two and wounding four others."

    "Ten people in the Metropolitan Washington, DC, area were killed and three others were critically injured in the fall of 2002 when two individuals carried out a series of sniper attacks. The two, John Allen Muhammad and his teenaged protégé, Lee Boyd Malvo, were captured and convicted of those murders."

    "William Krar and his common-law wife were caught stockpiling explosives and chemicals, including two pounds pure sodium cyanide, in April 2003. The exact target of the attack was never publicly disclosed, but Krar’s sympathy for the white supremacist movement was reported in the media. Numerous crimes committed by white supremacist sympathizers are underreported, or go entirely unreported."

    "Naveed Afzal Haq, an American of Pakistani descent, went on a rampage at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle on 28 July, 2006, after forcing his entry by holding a gun to the head of a 13-year-old girl. Haq then opened fire with two semiautomatic pistols, killing Pamela Waechter and wounding five more women in the Federation’s office spaces."

    "It took only five seconds for al Qaeda terrorists to break into the U.S. compound in Jeddah in an attack that killed five people, according to tapes obtained exclusively by ABC News. "

    You're repeating a false Republican talking point, that sadly is not true. In fact, terrorism is far higher once the "cure" of getting into Iraq happened.

    If I get things wrong like that my wife won't have sex with me for a week. (But frankly, I barely know you anyway.)
  8. Clinton era terrorists Tim McVeigh and Janet Reno killed over 300 people between them.
  9. It's hard to argue with someone who has such a tenuous grip on reality.

    When Bush announced in 2002 that Libya was in the "axis of evil" it had already been in discussions with French negotiators for years. In fact, international sanctions had been suspended indefinitely in 1999 "after two Libyans sought in the Lockerbie bombing were handed over for trial."

    Here's an article. I can't say for certain that Bush's "axis of evil" statement slowed down negotiations with Libya, but it was roundly criticized as, frankly, stupid.

    North Korea is another good example of Bush's "wisdom" -- he did exactly what he said he wouldn't do, and then gave the North Koreans more for agreeing to the exact same terms that they had already agreed to before his belligerence.

    If you like I can find you a timeline detailing this.
  10. I was actually refering to Iraq, Iran and NK. Libya is just an aside. It doesn't matter when Libyan negotiations started it matters when they ended and that was AFTER the invasion of Iraq.
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