You can use now pesos in the US

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    In Dallas a pizza company as a promotion started to accept Mexican pesos as a valid form of payment.

    I thought I would share this info just in case you guys have a few pesos leftover from your Cancun vacation! :)
  2. Out of this legal?
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    What's the exchange rate? If this catches on, will it eventually become an offering at Oanda? How will they handle the Domino's/Pizza Hut cross? A 3 pep(peroni) spread seems reasonable...

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    I don't know the legality of it, but looks like the plan backfired a bit:

    Edit: Probably not illegal, because:

    "Wal-Mart, H-E-B supermarkets and other American businesses in towns along the Mexican border accept pesos. And some busineses in New York and Minnesota communities along the northern border accept Canadian dollars."
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    "The company has set a conversion rate of 12 pesos per dollar, which is slightly higher than the official rate of about 11 pesos per dollar. Any change is given in U.S. currency."
  6. I heard the interview with the owner of the pizza chain on NPR. He made a business decision. A lot of his customers are Mexican and usually have a few pesos left over from their visits to Mexico. He believes that by accepting pesos, he will encourage more Mexican people living in the US and having access to his store, to buy pizza from his stores and use up those peso rather than just holding on to them.

    As mentioned previously, many stores located on the border, both North and South, accepts the neighbor's currency. It is a business decision.
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    So now the PC-indoctrinated suits of Pizza Patron think they need to maintain their ethnocentric Hispanic clientele in places far north of the border by stroking the strong sense of Mexican nationalism in the Hispanic enclaves in Dallas. From a country that has a grudge against the US since the Mexican-American war –especially when the same country teaches its children that the American South-West belongs to Mexico. And now their children are here –illegally, grown up, and popping out anchor babies and teaching them the same crap.

    The fact is that the same number of Hispanics would still patronize Pizza Patron if they had to order in English and with dollars. The problem is that we have lots of ethnocentric law firms and political groups convincing businesses that they better speak Spanish and trade pesos. It’s all bullshit. Businesses are full of white-guilt-PC-indoctrinated suits willing to bend over, grab the ankles, grab soap, and sell out to foreign subversion.
  8. We in Australia have to put up with New Zealand and Fijian 20 cent pieces being substituted for Australian 20 cent pieces. This is a particular problem for companies which sell their products through vending machines.I have heard that in some locations particularly where New Zealanders up to 3% of the takings ( $6 )are in New Zealand 20 cent pieces! I think it is a very small problem but I am sure there are some Australian idiots wishing a New Zealander or Fijian sacrifice his life for the sins of his fellow counrymen.
  9. I'm curious why this would be illegal. In Europe, before we had the EUR, it was common in every border region to have two currencies. Even now, Switserland and the UK, who stiill have their old currencies, accept EUR's in most shops that are frequented by 'foreigners'.

    BTW. Thread title should read "You can now use pesos in the US". Or was that modern mex-speak ?

  10. I have about 10 million Somali dollars from my "visit" in 1993. I was using the 10,000 notes to light my stogies at the cigar bar for shock factor. You think I can use them at pizza hut also? :)
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