You can thank your parents and friends for TRADING failure

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  1. IQ146


    If trading was but a puzzle among many
    If trading was considered wise and worthy
    You could do it in a day

    If your father told you to find a way
    If your mother told you to go and play
    You could do it in a day

    But before you start, you are told NO
    By your friends
    Your priest, your rabbi also.

    If false preconceptions weren't part of the game.
    If mere mentioning of trading didn't bring shame.

    Why, you could do it in a day.
  2. IQ146


    geez I spent 7 min on this poem

    isn't anyone going to comment

    I am physical manifestation of boredom itself

    you know trading isn't all its cracked up to be

    during weekday I trade then go to sleep

    wake up late, watch TV go out a bit

    next morning trade and go to sleep

    wake up late

    etc etc

    see the problem :(
  3. YoungOne


    That is a good poem.
  4. Yeah, I love it.

    ... and while you may or may not be able to do it in a day if it were accepted by society, just go back and wave all your money under the noses of the non-believers and they'll change their tune real quick.

  5. IQ146


    what pisses me off, is how much talent gets turned away and swayed from trading by ignorant masses.

    its sort of like, of those thousands of children that die in Africa do to hunger. How many were next Nikola Tesla or the next Albert Einstein
  6. IQ146


    I HATE the word indicator, word indicator took 4 years of my life

    indicator this, indicator that, here, there

    what's that in the sky

    ITS AN indicator !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    when I spoke to my FX broker, long ago, he told me

    "indicators work really well on FX, because FX is so continuos"

    what the F

    if I knew where guy is now I would send him a male hooker to his door

    (and he is straight)
  7. sim03



    For example, IQ

    is completely worthless

    as an indicator

    of anything.

  8. LOL, as with most indicators, it does have some minimal value.

  9. djxput


    Guru Guru in the sky
    Can you see the market top
    Can you see at all?

  10. go eat a ham.

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