you can short monday, because me and my partners (well you know)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ex_broker, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. some have suggested that me and my partners are a funny trio if you know what I mean

    I want to assure you that me and my partners are fully heterosexual with a dash of polysexual

    anyhoo, you can short monday because bears have established themselves as mini bosses for now

    I am not defining market as bull or bear, I merely look at it from daily basis

    and bears have rubbed this park with their scent

    and bulls can smell it too, bulls can smell it so badly they almost want to vomit.

    and on monday, VOMIT they will

    (insert sound of vomiting)

    some ETer will soon say that they vomit on this thread

    so predictable just like the market :p
  2. I vomit on this thread.

    Projectile like. Profusely.
  3. now the question is, was that self fulfilled prophesy

    uuuuu,, we will never know
  4. MattF


    looks like chicken...
  5. okay....i'll short right on the open. Thank goodness the spaceship is back to give us this important intergalactic babble ! :D
  6. whatisis


    Thank goodness someone had the sense to put EB,BS,etc posts in the Chit Chat section. These posts make the junk on Yahoo and Raging Bull look good.
  7. Perhaps. Tastes like chicken:):)