You CAN quit smoking- Please consider it.

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    I just quit a two pack a day habit of almost thirty years and it was easier than I ever thought it could be.

    All it took was reading a simple 190 page book & the desire to quit. No real issues with "suffering", as a matter of fact it has been enjoyable to no longer look at an ashtray full of butts, the smell lingering around & my hard earned money going up in smoke.

    Here's the link. The easy way to quit by Allen Carr. This is the e-book link to it.
    Read it & quit. Simple:)

    No, this isn't "spam". I truly want people experience what I have in the past month. A new sense of freedom.
  2. I smoke Davidoff Magnum cigs, or Luxury Navy Flake pipe tobacco.
    Both are the finest product one can ask for, but I get them VERY cheaply.
    Yea, I know, everyone says it's bad for me. I only smoke outside, so my house doesn't stink, and my wife won't murder me and bury me in the back yard.:D
    I"ve almost never smoked more than about 10 cigs a day, or more than 5 pipes in a day.
    I play Scottish Highland Bagpipes, and have never had a cough.
    Pipers don't get Emphysema, cuz Emphysematics can get it in, they just can't get it out, which means they maintain a very high level of CO2 in their lungs and bloodstream. Any half decent Piper can blow a golfball thru a garden hose w/out Vaseline. haha, yuk it up, bad jokes galore...but actually, that's a bit more than half true. Our diaphrams are like the Rock of Gibraltar.

    I tried quitting a few times. The longest I've ever quit was on our honeymoon in Scotland. I was in a total state of panic for 2 weeks. Seriously, it was like a full blown panic attack every waking second, and getting to sleep wasn't easy.
    So, I'm hooked. Totally addicted.

    Tobacco is a dirty weed. I like it.
    It satisfies no normal need. I like it
    It makes you thin, it makes you lean,
    It takes the hair right off your bean.
    It's the worst darn stuff I've ever seen.
    I like it.
    - Graham Lee, Hemminger
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    I wish my mother in law would quit. Her breathe is bad enough to knock you off a horse. Congrats on quitting, 2 packs a day is a load of smokes.
  4. it took me 5 times to quit, i finally 'got it' that you can never have 'just one'

    if you've quit b efore, the nicotine gum really helps - you split the task of quitting into 2 phases

    i dont think the gum works as well the first time, people expect it to be 'magic' and it isnt - but after the first time quitting, people understand the above point better

    once you've quit, it's the gift that keeps on giving - i never have any desire for a ciggerette, ever. i dont know if it's like that for everyone, but it is for me

    not once this year, the year before this one, or the previous 4 before that.

    60 months, without really ever thinking about it, after the first 2 anyway

    what do you have to lose, other than the draconian taxes and possible cancer?

    i really hope someone reads this and quits smoking

    (I've never been the obnoxious ex-smoker, i've never told anyone it's dirty or that they smell or that it's unatractive - whenever anyone did that to me, i just thought 'up yours', and felt that they were just enjoying a chance to be a jerk toward pne of the few remaining groups you can be nasty to in an increasingly politically correct world. but i do try to express encounragement anytime i see someone with a cig in their hand talk about quitting)
  5. My Mom quit about 1 1/2 year ago. Her motivation was her broken wrist wouldn't heal without doing so. Nicotine is deadly on your circulation. 6 week after quitting her wrist healed.

    I smoked cigs for about 2 years as a teen. I kept getting bronchitis so I finally quit.

    Pain is a great motivator.
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    Nobody truly likes smoking, given the opportunity to rethink those first few smokes that got them addicted I doubt many would do it all over again.

    I challenge any smoker to come up with one benefit to being a smoker.

    I am not trying to do ANYTHING but convince people who do smoke & want to quit that it isn't as hard as it seems. I want them to feel as good as I do now. Trust me, the car will still move without a lit cigarette in your hand. Your food will digest just fine without the after meal cigarette. Stress? The nicotine is CAUSING stress, not relieving it.
  7. you guys cant quit smoking. You all are too weak minded. You say you quit, but you will be back. Just like the fat people that stop eatting junk food for a short time. They all go back. I'm so sure that you all will not quit smoking that I own 30k dollars worth of MO & PM stock. Every time you guys light up...I make money! People hate it when i tell them that, but that never stops them from smoking. I personally do not smoke, nor does anyone in my family. We just like to make money off you people that think you are being cool by smoking.
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    The book did not work for me, but attending the seminar got me off a three pack a day habit back in the days when smoking was allowed in dealing rooms.
  9. The rugged and individualistic 'Marlboro Man' died of lung cancer:


    Cigarettes will take you down, eventually, and your death will be slow and agonizing.

    Quit. Now. For you and your family.
  10. Got me by the balls how China can ship a pack of marb's and wholesale them counterfiets in nyc for a buck a pack. On the flip side the Injuns in Long Island I hear bought a smoke mfg co upstate and are going into business, good for them.

    The reservations aren't ripping off any taxpayer, au contraire, we should be on their side fighting the good fight against taxes.

    Interesting how the gov't has pushed normally law abiding citizens into the criminal underground, actually creating an entire boot leg industry where there previously wasn't much of one.

    Anyone know the stats on the deaths and incarcerated from the prohibition of whiskey back in the day. What a waste of resources and lives.
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