You can not call Bush a terrorist without saying the same about the troops!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, May 27, 2007.

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    I'm sure this statement is not going to make me the most loved person to ever grace the boards, but I am getting so sick of people calling my brothers, one of whom has been shot and nearly died for all of us, terrorists!

    I know, I know, I know. YOU SUPPORT THE TROOPS, you love em with your peace signs, songs and dances and want to bring them home. It's Bush and his group of cowards who are the true terrorists. Well, if you feel that way about Bush, you feel that way about the men and woman who are carrying out his orders are your behalf!. (It's still our, thus YOUR, government) It was very clearly established after WW2 that soldiers had both a moral and a LEGAL obligation and DUTY to refuse to carry out illegal orders. If they did carry them out and transmit them, they become a part of the problem and just as guilty as those issueing the order. You can not have it both ways. If Bush is a terrorists, so are all of the men and woman who are out there busting their asses so that you can, under the cover of the freedom they die to assure you of having, call them terrible names and insult them, their families and YOUR COUNTRY.
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    BTW, no place in here do I say that there is no place for a debate on the war, about should we stay or go. That's not my stand. Only that those who resort to calling President Bush and those around him terrorists are saying the same thing about the troops they claim to care so much about.
  3. i think the correct term for officials that knowingly lied and fabricated evidence to start an illegal invasion would be war criminals.
  4. I am sure you realize it's your opinion only not shared by the majority of the world's population. Most people understand the difference between Bush who started an illegal war and the troops who trusted the government, enlisted to defend this country, followed orders and did not break any article of the Geneva Convention.
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    Ok, so you think that our soldiers are war criminals, not terrorists. Thanks for clearing that up.
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    I'm not talking about what was (2003), I'm talking now.
  7. Terrorism is a tactic used to achieve a political result.

    "Well, if you feel that way about Bush, you feel that way about the men and woman who are carrying out his orders are your behalf!"

    Complete nonsensical argument.

    Terrorism, the action itself, is just a tool implemented for political ends, which makes the soldiers just tools (pawns) in Bush's game of using terror to fight terror.

    The fact that most current terrorism (as we label it) is directed by small groups with political agendas, rather than by a sovereign nation and their army makes little difference.

    Al Quaeda has been unbelievably effective (with the help of Bush and company promoting and playing on the fear of 9/11 and possible future acts of war/terrorism) with their actions.

    If you look what a handful of people who got lucky with hijacked airplanes actually did, the actions themselves, and the consequences in the restrictions of freedom in this country, the related costs, the unnecessary war in Iraq, the political fallout, the strengthening of the executive branch, the increase in the size of the federal government, the weakening of our military by overextending and having to call up reservists and National Guard and their equipment (thus making it unavailable for natural disaster response here at home) etc. it is on par with David vs. Goliath for one of the most dramatic victories for an underdog.

  8. no brainiac.. thats why i said "officials"... so you embrace the neocon agenda of making up lies in order to go to war? how sad.
  9. The ugly fact is that there is a considerable body of people in this country who do look on our troops as no better than terrorists and who fervently hope we leave Iraq in defeat. A sizeable minority of democrats even believe Bush had foreknowledge of 9/11. A nutcase like Rosie O'Donnell is allowed to spew crazed conspiracy theories on a major network and ask rhetorically "who" are the terrorists, clearly implying that it is our troops. She is praised by the grand dame of TV news, Barbara Walters, cheered by the audience and opposed only by a brave but young Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

    It is fair to question the decision to go to war and the way the war has been conducted. Too much of the media, celebrities and the wacko left which seems to control the democrat party have let their hatred of Bush push them over the edge however.
  10. i actually thought you were waking up. **sigh**
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